3 Things People Often Overlook when They Buy a Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are very different from your regular machines, and people will usually focus on different things when searching for one.

What they will often do is start researching different graphics cards and go for the machine with the absolute best one they can afford assuming that this will make for the best gaming experience.

They will also tend to overlook things like the CPU as there is this mantra in the community that everything ends and starts with the GPU.

While it is true that the GPU plays an important role, the CPU matters too, and you can ignore it. But that’s not the only thing people tend to overlook when shopping for these machines. Let’s take a look at a few things people often don’t consider when getting a gaming laptop.


Being able to upgrade a machine should be a priority for everyone, but especially for gamers. New games are being released all the time and the industry is constantly trying to push the limits.

New graphic cards are also being released all the time, rendering older ones obsolete.

This is why you need to check how upgradable the machine you get will be. Some machines will make it virtually impossible for you to upgrade, while others will only allow you to upgrade one or two components. If that’s the case, learn what these are. If the machine you want is not upgradeable, then you’ll have to bump up the specs to make sure that it will not end up outdated too soon.

The Manufacturer

People also tend to overlook who makes the machine when they buy one. But knowing the differences between manufacturers could be very helpful when looking for the perfect machine for you.

Brands like Lenovo, for instance, are known for creating very sturdy and well-built gaming machines that can multitask too.

Other brands like Asus, on the other hand, are known more for innovation and experimentation. So, try to learn about different manufacturers so you can know about their strengths and weaknesses. Also, look at their after-care service so you can get an idea of the level of support you can expect to get if anything goes wrong.

Battery Life

It’s surprising to see how many people will buy a gaming laptop these days and not even check the battery’s rating. This should be one of the top things on your list if you’re the type to play in public places often. You can never tell if you’ll be able to charge your devices where you’ll be. So, pick a laptop that offers decent battery life.

You should know, however, that gaming is very energy-intensive, so you can’t expect to see anything that will blow you away as far as battery life goes. Anything that will give you around five hours of gaming time should be considered good enough.

Be careful to not ignore these aspects when getting a gaming laptop. This is the only way to make sure that you don’t end up disappointed with the machine when you actually start playing on it.

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