4 Best Tools To Embed Facebook Feeds On WordPress Website.

Are you a WordPress website owner? Do you need a plugin for WordPress to embed Facebook feeds on your website? You should definitely look into a Facebook plugin for WordPress. It will make your website more dynamic, engaging, and interactive with the interactive Facebook feed.

Facebook boasts a huge army of 2.8 million monthly active users, and this number continues to grow. This large user base has many advantages, including the ability to upload thousands of posts daily, millions of likes per day, and the possibility of sharing posts on Facebook with friends and followers.

Using Facebook feeds to enhance your website’s content quality and user experience, Facebook feeds allow for interactive content to be displayed on your website that enhances the humanized experience and builds connections with your audience.

This blog will show you how to display Facebook feeds on a WordPress website using plugins. You can display Facebook feeds on a website using the dedicated WordPress plugin.

Here are the top 4 Facebook feed plugins for WordPress.

Let’s get started,

4 Best Facebook Feed WordPress Plugins for your Website

You will find hundreds upon hundreds of Facebook plugins if you search for “best Facebook plugin for WordPress website”. It can be difficult to find the best Facebook Feed plugin.

We have made it simple for you to find the best Facebook Feed plugin for your website. You can choose any of the Facebook feed plugins below to embed Facebook Feeds on your website. Each tool is great at their job.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget, a popular Facebook widget tool that website owners use to add Facebook feeds on their websites, is very popular. Taggbox Widget, an intuitive tool, allows users to embed Facebook feeds in their websites using a variety of functionalities and features.

Taggbox Widget provides comprehensive solutions for placing Facebook posts on your website. It offers many customization options that allow you to reflect interesting, interactive and innovative content.

Taggbox Widget has two versions of its tool. One is an app and one is a WordPress plugin. This makes it simple and efficient to display Facebook feeds directly on your website. Taggbox Widget lets users collect Facebook feeds from various sources, including mentions, handles and Facebook Pages.

You also have many customization options to improve your website. These include themes, styling, styling and custom CSS.

Pixel Cat

The Pixel Cat WordPress plugin makes it easy to embed Facebook retargeting ads and posts on your site. Pixel Cat allows you to display the personalized Facebook ads created by your Pixel manager.

Pixel Cat allows you to run Facebook ads that are more powerful for your business, and then manage them from your website. Integrating with conversion events allows you to track conversions and automatically optimize your Facebook ads.

Pixel Cat also connects to your website content such as blogs posts, new launches, updates, product views or any other activity that is performed on your site. It keeps your Facebook updated with the most recent feeds and improves Facebook’s ad performance.

Shared Counts

The website owners are familiar with Shared Counts, which is used to integrate social media buttons onto the WordPress website. The plugin allows you to integrate multiple social media networks onto your site using the social media buttons.

Facebook is one of the most popular social sharing buttons on Shared Count. The main reason to include social media buttons on a website is to increase visitor engagement. They will share content, blog posts, products, or web pages directly to friends or their Facebook Timeline.

You can add Facebook buttons to your website, as well as all major social media networks buttons to your website. This will give your visitors many options to interact with your site.


RafflePress allows you to host giveaways and contests directly from your WordPress website. This plugin allows you to create contests that make it easy for visitors to your site to enter and take the actions you desire.

It links the giveaway or contest to your Facebook page. This increases the audience’s engagement by increasing likes, comments and sharing the contest with participants’ friends and followers.

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Wrapping up!

All of the above-mentioned WordPress plugins for Facebook offer multiple solutions to your Facebook feeds, and integration on websites.

These tools can be used for many different purposes. These plugins can be used for a variety of purposes, regardless of the goal.

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