6 Places to Advertise Your Job Vacancy

Job listing used to be simpler, with a list printed in local newspapers weekly and being contacted directly by candidates.

With the recruitment industry overflowing and the advancement of technology, multiple ways have to be used to advertise job vacancies and reach a wider audience.

It is worth considering the nature of the role, the company, and the local area to determine the most suitable places to focus on.

Advertising your job vacancy in these places will likely bring an abundance of applicants, so you will not have to worry about a delay in hiring.

Company Website

Firstly, if a company website is established, it might help to consider a ‘Vacancies’ area to update with openings. People with an interest in the company are likely to visit the website frequently, and candidates are likely to form a routine of checking for opportunities.

This can be an efficient way to reach a demographic that values the company beyond the interest in employment.

This also makes it easy to make changes to the listing as the company will have full control over the page.

Company Building

Another way to utilize the company itself in advertising a vacancy is by designing a notice to put up within the property on a bulletin board or against a window that people pass by.

This is another excellent way to target local candidates who frequent the company or work nearby. In doing so, applicants can contact the company directly and speed along the hiring process.

It is worth considering that opting for this place to advertise only will limit the audience it could reach, but it could be highly effective in combination with others.

Social Media

With half of the world’s population now using online social platforms, it would be a waste not to utilize mainstream media for job listings.

Promoting a vacancy using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be effective at reaching an audience that the algorithm believes would be interested. LinkedIn has a focus on professionalism and recruitment, so offers a high chance of reaching suitable candidates and potential employers.

All these platforms offer the chance to promote posts for a small fee and can be a valuable investment.

Job Sites

Although LinkedIn has an area of the platform dedicated to job listings, there are websites that are solely for the purpose of searching for employment or employees and listing opportunities.

These include Glassdoor, Indeed, Jobs2Careers, and Careerbuilder. This can be a powerful way to reach talent and receive copious amounts of applications.

Although not all the applicants will be suitable, the ideal candidates can stand out with the use of recruiting software to manage the process.

Integrating job sites and applicant tracking software into recruitment is a modern way to get a competitive edge and increase the chances of a successful hire.


Newspapers are, as they say, old but gold. Print media was once the primary form used around the world to stay updated with current events and even job vacancies.

Print media can still be effective for listing an opening if the company is in a smaller city where people rely on local newspapers.

Choosing a local newspaper as a place to advertise a job vacancy can be logical for companies that seek less competition.

However, with digital methods continuously on the rise, newspapers can limit the audience that is reached unless used alongside other places of advertisement.

In this case, it could help to widen the audience reached, targeting internet enthusiasts and avid newspaper readers.

Job Fairs

Local events like job fairs can be an effective way to stand out as a recruiter. Although the internet is an incredible tool for finding candidates, people often find communicating with employers in person more genuine.

Job fairs offer face-to-face networking, which can help to identify potential employees that seem fitting for a job role.

Events like job fairs tend to vary in capacity, so there is a chance to reach a smaller or larger group of people who, either way, are professionals interested in employment.

Hiring does not have to be a long, boring task and can be tackled using various methods. Advertising job vacancies can be easily done on the company website, within the company building, using social media and job sites, or targeting local newspapers and job fairs.

These places propose a variation of audiences that can be notified of the opportunity and therefore elevate the possibility of finding the perfect employee.

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