7 Best online Course for Electrical Engineering

It can be tough to locate training and workshops that are both qualified to help and reasonably priced if you’re a high schooler looking forward to getting a degree and progressing to a professional life in electrical engineering.

It is now feasible to learn electrical engineering online due to the net, collaborations between institutions of higher learning and open online courses suppliers, and new licensing requirements.

And in this situation, we decided to enrich the pot by scouring the web for the most reputable, dependable, and accessible sources of electrical engineering information.

Specialists with decades of work expertise, elite universities, or foremost officials in electrical engineering were required to contribute to our list.

Several of the materials we’ve picked have gotten glowing evaluations from former and present students, who enthusiastically suggest them to those just starting in electrical engineering.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 of the top sites for understanding electrical engineering in no specific order.

1.  Skillshare

All advanced technologies are built on the foundation of electric circuits.

This Skillshare course provides an excellent overview of a topic for anybody interested in a career as an electrical engineer.

Essential concepts such as Ohm’s Law, circuit analysis, power computations, and amperage laws are covered in this course.

Practical learning class projects allow participants to apply their knowledge and cooperate with other learners as part of the program.

After finishing the course, you will now have accessibility to all other Skillshare programs, making it simple to further your study.

Start learning this course on 1337X.

2. Alison

The Fundamentals to the Electrical Trade course is designed for prospective technicians who have no prior experience in the field.

The course is aimed to teach learners for electrical work in both housing and industrial environments. Learners will be able to learn about prospective career paths, safety measures, electronic systems, electromagnetic theory, and just about everything else they’ll need to get started in their new professions. To be competent, you’ll also learn the required soft skills, such as critical analysis and brainstorming.

You can purchase a certificate of completion when you’ve completed the course and passed the final exam.

2.  Udemy

This Udemy course teaches learners the expertise they’ll need to start as a controls electrician.

Learners will learn about the essential components and processes of industrial automation boards and how to install and replace control systems, install motorized controls, and understand how electronically controlled members operate.


Students may use the course’s 4 hours of streaming and 13 downloadable materials to deepen their studies.

Although no basic requirements are required, it is suggested that students get some previous knowledge of electrical circuits to understand the teaching materials fully.

4. edX

MIT’s Electricity and Magnetism course is a series modelled on the university’s on-campus curriculum. This is an intermediate program for students with a foundation in conventional mechanics and multivariable calculus, unlike several other topics on this list that function as primers to different electronic engineering areas.

Learners will learn how electromagnets are generated, how to measure them, what dipole antennas are, and how conductivity, capacitors, and insulators function.

MIT experts offer the program, and a certification of accomplishment from the institution is available for an extra $49.

This course is 10 weeks long and requires an 11 to 13-hour weekly effort.

5. Coursera

Columbia University’s MOS Electronics course focuses on helping people understand how MOS transistors function and construct them.

This knowledge is critical for device modellers, circuit engineers, and nanoelectronics engineers, making it excellent for engineering undergraduates and professionals looking to better their careers.

While there are no requirements for this course, it is not ideal for beginners because it involves demanding tasks for which students will most likely need an electrical engineering foundation.

The program is free and includes all lectures and homework, but no achievement credential is provided.

6. Etap

This curriculum will teach you how to develop and evaluate your electric grid, from the power supply to the loads attached to it, in several of the top electrical design courses.

Course training certifications are also available as a section of the training. The Course Certification is free, but you must first register on the Course webpage.

7. GAMS:

This is one of the best-rated electrical engineering online classes for learning the fundamentals of the electricity system and resource optimization.


The course teacher will walk you through every step of GAMS programming using real-life case studies, actual tests, and a variety of examples from several fields.


Electrical engineering is an elevated subject with enough job prospects for qualified individuals.

Attending an online electrical engineering course is a terrific approach to build the core knowledge, and expertise you’ll need to get started whether you’re a student or worker seeking a career in this field.

The above listed 7 finest electrical engineering online courses to assist you in finding the best courses offered.

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