7 Common Misconceptions About Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

A process by which you research for words that are put most into the search engines like Google and use those words strategically in your content to make your content appear on the top pages of a search engine result page long for SERP is known as Keyword Research.

Why is Keyword Research required?

Keyword research is significant since it may disclose valuable information that can help your business thrive online. Keyword research can inform you what phrases people are actively looking for and how competitive those terms are and help drive your content marketing strategy to boost organic search exposure, ranks, and traffic.

Who does Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a very important part of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and if you think you have the ability to do so, you can do it as well, if you can’t there are multiple keyword research services companies available for you to do the work and help make your business rise above.

7 common misconceptions about keyword research

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1) It is unnecessary

You own the business, and you think that only you know your users best, so you don’t think keyword research is as important as it is portrayed nowadays. But the fact is, you don’t know which user will type what thing to get access to the services that you provide.

2) More keywords are the best idea

While conducting SEO for your website, thinking that putting more keywords into your content will help your website rankings to go higher. In reality, putting too many keywords into the content can lead to keyword stuffing, because of which the most used search engine, Google can penalize you as well. Also, it does not look good on your website.

3) Right keywords do not equal good content

Putting the right keywords, but the wrong content to appear first in front of the user will only lead to your website’s bounce rate getting higher. Bounce rate is the percentage of viewers who came to your site but left without visiting the second page. Certainly, you don’t want that. This means you have to put the content on your website that your user is looking for, not just the right keywords.

4) Target high search volume keywords

High search volume keywords are not the only thing going to help you increase your rankings, but the right ones as well.

How to think of the right keywords? Think of words your user may

search for while thinking about buying your product. Can’t think? No issues.

There are multiple Keyword research companies available for you to choose from to do your work and make your rankings better as well.

5) Meta descriptions have no value

Meta descriptions are the short paragraphs that are shown on the search result pages, by reading them, you get the user interested, and to your website. If you don’t think they are important, it’s a mistake that you want to avoid if you want your website rankings to get higher. Without the keywords, your meta description won’t be shown in the SERP, and thus will lead to bad rankings for your website.

6) Your URL does not need a keyword

Uncountable web pages are available out there, and the right keyword will lead the user to your website. You have to make time and put it into choosing the right URL for your website, if only you want your business to succeed.

7) Exact match Keywords are bad

Well, too much of anything is bad, and who does not like variations? For a good ranking, you can use the same keywords you researched for, but you can’t fill the whole content with the same keywords, variations do count.

A little bit of variation of how a user may think to reach your website will be good only for you because only you know your product the best.

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