7 Reasons for Slow Internet Connection & Ways to Speed Up

Slow internet is a common problem; fixing it should not be too difficult, however. It frustrates you when you are working on an important project that demands intense online research. It’s even more annoying when you are watching a movie or gaming on the go.

So, there are different ways using which you can easily fix the slow internet. Let’s head to these workarounds in the following sections.

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Take Note of the Data Cap

Reaching your monthly data limit is something that puts a halt to smooth internet functionality, and you find it difficult to surf the web on almost all devices. Sometimes, you know it beforehand, while most of the time, it comes as a surprise, and you keep wondering where you spent all those gigabytes.

Your data limit can vary anywhere from thousands of megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. When you reach the stipulated mark, your internet service provider restricts the internet speed, and you experience slowdowns. In this case, upgrading the data plan is an ideal solution.

Disconnect Wireless Peripherals

Check all the wireless peripherals connected to your computer, as they might be interrupting the internet. For example, when you connect a printer to a mac, it may conflict with the WiFi signals causing slowdowns. So, when there’s no print job in the process, disconnect the wireless printer to resume normal internet speed.

Other peripheral devices connected via BlueTooth must be the reason behind slow internet activity. If you are not using these devices, disconnect them. Also, check if all the drivers are updated and not acting abnormally.

Clear Browser Cache:

Your browser history and internet cache tell a lot about your internet activity. Delete it occasionally to prevent your device from online security threats. Every browser you use on your computer, Mac or Windows, collects bits of information about every single page that you visit online with the intent to speed up your browsing experience.

The cache files, when stored in abundance on a computer, slows down the computer as well as the internet connection. If you want to save yourself from waiting for minutes after clicking a link to access something important, delete the cache files regularly by navigating to the History settings in the browser.

Turn Off the Router

Similar to humans, digital devices also need breaks. Reset your router and other internet devices at least once every month to enable them to refresh the connection. If you have a modem connected alongside the router, reset it too. When speed issues are more common than usual, resetting the modem and router every day can help.

You can even automate the task to reset your router by connecting it to a professional timer. It will turn the router on and off automatically. It is recommended to switch off the router and modem during nights to allow them to stimulate connection. That way, you can also save some amount of data.

Connect via Ethernet Cable

Connecting your phone or computer wirelessly to access the internet via WiFi is easy as you don’t have to deal with the cables or distance restrictions within the house. However, if you want to get more speed, an Ethernet cable is the only possible solution available handy. Cabled connections are usually reliable, and you will not experience frequent drops.

Other than the laptop and the desktop, other devices that you may connect with Ethernet cable are the smart TVs, Xbox, Playstation, or other gaming consoles. While streaming video, try to use an Ethernet cable for faster processing. Moreover, a wired connection gives more security than wireless internet, so when you need to do financial transactions, go for Ethernet.

Block Online Ads:

While browsing the web, the online advertisements that you need to watch on almost all websites are time-consuming. Not only do they frustrate you, but they also distract you when you are working. They can be in the form of auto-played videos, GIFs, pictures, and more. The most annoying thing about them is that they consume time and data.

These advertisements slow down your internet connection, so you can block them right away. If you want to shut down these auto-play advertisements, you may use a browser extension or a plugin by configuring them on your computer. A dozen ad-blocking plugins are available on the web; make sure to install them from a legitimate resource.

Install Antivirus Program

If you have not already installed an antivirus on your computer, get it now. In case you do not have an antivirus application, your computer might have become the victim of a virus or malware intrusion which is dragging down the internet speed, and you are not able to open a particular website or watch a video.

Having an antivirus application is essential not just to improve the internet speed, but to strengthen the security of data and the device. Install a responsive anti-malware app from a reliable website, and don’t forget to read the features, functions as well as customer reviews.

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