Best EHS management software in 2022

EHS stands for (environmental health and safety) EHS is a management software that helps the organization through digital platforms that directly link your safety objectives.

EHS management software is well known in the industry sector, including construction, manufacturing creating, conducting audits, controlling incidents, tracking risks, and much more tasks across the entire business.

It is a central dashboard that allows managers to keep track of the status of audits with interactive charts and to access particular reports by filtering the documented messages according to the audit type or the organization unit.

In this article, I will deeply explain the Best EHS Management software, so stay with us; the popularity of EHS management software is increasing daily.

EHS software saves the day by helping companies with risk management, environmental, health and safety, security, and regulatory compliance.

It plays a significant role in the industrial sector. The software takes advantage of the business intelligence capabilities that allow you to regularly create reports that collect and save lots of information, access past data, and then reassess the status of a few documents in a short period.

This article will explain how you will find the Best EHS Management software. So in this regard all necessary information is below.

Why does your business need EHS Software?

A business require a unique setup and talented teamwork. So there are a large number of factors which help to boost your business. as a professional, you are responsible for the security of your employes.

It will develop confidence among the employe. unwanted injuries and health issues or compensation fines and fines for regulatory violations that have been surprised can delay your productivity.

With the unmeasurable and lengthy paper-based or legacy systems that are on the side of being out of date, you require an efficient and proactive approach that will handle all of your EHS needs in one spot.

EHS management software solutions improve the level of your employees’ well-being and guarantee global agreement with ever-changing safety laws.

With the power of innovation at its heart, the EHS software solution can change how safety is handled in the workplace. It provides a prefect environment for all workers and develops employee confidence.

It gives an all-encompassing overview of all activities, which allows for faster and greater precision in the implementation of EHS procedures and provides information that is easier to share and access as well as providing better efficiency and a better understanding of analytics that can help you predict and prevent incidents or risks in the workplace, ensuring high-quality sustainability and operational efficiency.

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How does EHS management software work?

 It is essential to know How EHS management software work. EHS Management software handles several environmental, health, and safety-related topics. Large amounts of data from different industries are gathered and put into a single assessable data management platform.

This enables a company to begin examining the data over an extended period, identify trends, and take suitable action. This makes it possible for the company to handle data analysis and risk management simultaneously.

They allow two-way communication between employees and the company and are accessible even from remote places.

The development of action plans as well as the presentation of the data collected is made possible through customized dashboards that incorporate interactive graphics and visualizations. EHS mobile applications further facilitate staff communications and top-of-the-line management without using huge desktops.

Let the program take care of all the tasks that aren’t necessary while you concentrate on the essential tasks.

 To help you get started, here I mention the Best EHS Management software list. Take a look at this, and you can easily find out which is best for you.

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  1. Gensuit.

Gensuit is well known and famous EHS management software. It is effortless to manage and track the data information. Gensuit earns a name in the market.

It offers an assertive cloud-based customizable setup, unique and strong extensions, and simple process capabilities.

The following are some of the main features of Gensuite EHS Management: Audit Management, Disciplinary / Preventive Actions, Environmental Management, Environmental Risk Assessment, Forms Management Incident Management, Training Management, Waste Management, and much more.

They have supported businesses in managing safe and sustainable operations worldwide for more than 20 years, focusing on quick return on investment (ROI), superior customer service, and ongoing innovation. It has 1,500,000 users who like and depend on Gensuit.

With its quick setup and advanced features, people from all over the world chose Gensuit.

2. MyEasyISO.

MyEasyISO is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and cloud-based automated agile EHS management software. You can use MyEasyISO in a different language.

It is available in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Arabic. MyEasyISO has offices in countries like the USA, Singapore, India, UAE, South Africa, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. And the company wants to expand its offices in other countries. MyEasyISO offers a quality management system (QMC) for everyone.

The software effectively controls certifications for quality, a healthy environment, and safety in a way that has never been done before.

It offers different feature such as incident management, environmental risk assessment, injury reporting, Health management, industrial safety management, training management inspection reporting,

3. Workhub.

Workhub is a comprehensive health and safety compliance software that enables simple management of training, processes, rules, inspections, and much more at a low cost, all centralized in one user-friendly hub.

Workhub software is fast and easy to understand and also offers more than 25 different tools to optimize processes and ensure that security and health programs are communicated to the staff. Work hub provides free online training, which is the most advanced service.

Users can Pick from more than 25 different tools that will not only assist you in scoring higher on your next safety audit but also make sure that your health and safety plan is communicated to your employees.

It helps to develop confidence among the staff—a comprehensive set of tools to improve your workflow growth and boost your business.

includes everything you need, from free online safety courses to certificate tracking, forms for distributing policies bulletins, incidents, competencies, and many other features. Review the behaviors of your employees to find out and identify any dangerous working practices.


SiteDocs is also cloud-based EHS management software. It is designed for all-size companies. Its price is a little bit higher than other EHS management software but offers extra and unique features.

Users can operate SiteDocs via web and mobile applications. It provides electronic documents along with management.

It allows users to arrange all documents online and in the form of categorizing, which is easily searchable when users require it.

Users can convert paper into digital format and upload it easily for long-term storage. Users can contact live during working hours. SiteDocs provide live support via phone. you can download by click HERE

It charges annually based according to the size of the company.

5. LighthouseHSE

Lighthouse HSE is also well-known management software. It is a straightforward and easy-to-understand interface.

LightHouse is designed to record previous data of the firm, maintain the company record and help companies manage incidents maintenance, inspections, training, and other activities across multiple locations using an integrated portal.

The platform has a unique feature of white-labeling capabilities that allow organizations to customize the user interface by adding the logo of their choice and the URL to create a brand’s identity.

Creating their logo and URL helps to boost the company brand. Lighthouse also integrates with various third-party apps, including Google Drive, Box, SharePoint, and many more, through APIs

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