Best Social Media Aggregator Tools For Website

Social media is a massive platform that offers a large variety of content. With about 4.48 billion social media users worldwide, this platform is like a giant pool of content that can be used by brand marketers to maximize their marketing efforts and to reach the pinnacle of success!

Talking of content, social media is highly dominated by User-Generated Content. What is User-Generated Content you ask?

As the name suggests, User-Generated Content is the content created by the users of the brand. It can be in the form of images, videos, gifs, reviews, tweets, etc.

Since the content is created solely by the users, this type of content is the most authentic, genuine, and trustworthy content found online.

Furthermore, aggregating this content and displaying it on various marketing touchpoints especially websites can help brands tremendously increase their user’s engagement, build social proof, and eventually gain more revenues and sales.

What Are Social Media Aggregator Tools?

In simple terms, a social media aggregator is a tool that enables users to collect content from various social media platforms and embed it on the website. The main functioning of a social media aggregation tool is to aggregate the content from various social media platforms and put it together in an organized and presentable manner.

Even though there are multiple social media aggregation platforms online, you need to select the best platform to gain maximum results.

Leverage the list mentioned below to understand the few points you need to take into consideration before finalizing the platform.

●     Customization Features

While finalizing the social media aggregation platform, keep in mind that it should offer multiple customization options to customize the widget as per your requirements.

Customization features would help you create a stunning and pleasing widget that would help in engaging your audience and pushing them to explore your website more.

●     Moderation

If you are a regular social media user, then you must be well aware of the nasty comments and unnecessary trolling on the platform.

Hence, content moderation is extremely important. Make sure that the platform shortlisted has a moderation panel that allows users to remove and monitor the content before publishing it.

●     Advanced Analytics

Analytics play a major role in determining the response received by the widget in the digital ecosystem. It helps you in getting a clear understanding of whether the strategy adopted is working in the favor of your business or not.

Your social media aggregator must offer insightful analytics and allow you to track the performance of your widget on the website.

●     Pricing & Plans

Pricing of the tool is an important aspect while shortlisting the perfect fit. Many social media aggregation tools offer various pricing plans and options to their users.

Make sure that you thoroughly go through the options and have a look at the features and choose the one which suits your needs the best!

Best Tools For Social Media Aggregation

Now that you have understood the basic definition and the features that you need to look out for while selecting your best fit, mentioned below are the best tools for effortlessly displaying your social media feeds on the website.

●     Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is the Best User-Generated Content and social media aggregation platform that allows users to collect feeds from over 15+ social media platforms. The best part about this tool is that it offers all the features mentioned above.

The customization options on the platform allow the users to customize the widget, selecting from a variety of templates, layouts, fonts, colors, and various other branding options.

The tool also offers an advanced moderation panel and offers a profanity filter to get rid of any unwanted or inappropriate content.

Taggbox understands the significance of analytics and hence offers insightful details like total impressions, the number of clicks, behavioral analysis, etc. to gain detailed insights about the performance of the widget.

Furthermore, the platform has an active and robust back support team that assists the users if they come across any technical issues or hindrances while using the platform.

●     Hootsuite

Second, on the list is Hootsuite. While it cannot exactly be referred to as a social media aggregator, however, it is a great social media management platform.

The platform gathers all your social media accounts in a dashboard and hence it becomes easier to manage the social media.

The platform offers various features like the users can easily schedule the posts, upload files, videos, images, etc.

●     Tagembed

Tagembed is another social media aggregation platform that effortlessly allows you to collect, curate and embed content on your website.

Users can leverage various features like customization, moderation, analytics, etc to increase the effectiveness of the widget.

Lastly, the tool offers various pricing options. You can select the one that fits your budget perfectly.

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Closing Note

Social media aggregators have slowly made their way into the marketing efforts of brands and businesses.

We have reached the conclusion section and are hopeful that you must be all set to select the tool that you feel is best for your business and start aggregating valuable content from the world of social media right away!

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