Can someone hack my phone from my number? How we can check it?

can someone hack my phone from my number? Phone hacking can compromise your identity and privacy without your knowing it.

Over the years,  mobile phone hacking has morphed into the major form of cyber-attacks, taking a toll on money and resources.

Therefore, you are right to worry whether someone can hack your phone from your number.

Everything from banking to email and social media is connected to your phone. This means that once a criminal gains access to your phone, all of your apps are open doors for computer theft.

If you have ever tried to research online whether or not to hack your mobile device with just your number, you may have come across several articles and blog posts claiming that it is possible.

It is alarming to think that if someone wanted to hack your phone, they would only need your number. You would be forgiven if you think this is a very real threat to your mobile security.

If you want to know some useful insights that help you keep your information inside your mobile phone safe, then read this article.

Scammers are continually evolving and improving hacking methods, making them harder and harder to spot. This means that the average user could be blind to many cyber-attacks.

Why do you need to protect your phone from hackers?

Particularly, the Covid-19 pandemic brought a new wave of cyberattacks, and nowadays hackers are rampaging the internet.

Moreover, more than 90% of people use mobile phones to surf the internet. Hence, the effects of cyber attacks quadruple because more people are liable for hacking.

Scammers are continually evolving and improving hacking methods, making them harder and harder to spot. This means that the average user could be blind to many cyber-attacks.

Thus hacking through phone numbers is becoming common these days. But the hacker does not hack your phone just by seeing your number.

The smartphones have brought all of our private accounts and data into one convenient place, making our phones the perfect target for a hacker.

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What is phone hacking?

You can define phone hacking as the unauthorized and ostensibly illegal extraction of useful data of your mobile phone by a hacker to cause damage to your resources, your social status, or any other hideous design.

How do you know that your phone is hacked?

Although there isn’t any apparent activity to see if your phone is hacked or not, you need to find it through some trivial tests.

These technical symptoms often smell of something fishy and you should be wary of them if they appear on your phone.

  • If your phone’s charging gets depleted suddenly, your phone might have been hacked.
  • Your phone might work slowly because the hacker has directed most of its performance towards its fraudulent use.
  • You may get change password alerts from your email and social accounts, as they appear to be an obvious reason for hacking.

These activities act as a rule of thumb to test your phone’s condition.

Clear the doubt can some hack my phone from my number.

Being doubtful about your phone’s hack directs you to clear the doubts by doing some technical steps like given below:

When someone hacks or touches your phone, calls, messages, and other data can be transferred to another person. But don’t panic. If you think your phone has been hacked, open a keypad and clear up all your doubts. the codes for

To check IMEI#:  *#06#

Each mobile device has its own unique international mobile device identification number or IMEI. Now the IMEI shortcode won’t tell you if your phone has been hacked, but know that you need to file a police report when your device has been compromised. So before you check any cell phone hack code, learn your IMEI by dialing * # 06 # and then write it down in a safe place

See if someone is receiving my missed calls: *#61#

Scammers can intercept your incoming calls and then redirect them to another line. This is called conditional call forwarding. You should start to feel a rat when the phone rings once and there is no other trace of incoming calls. Also, note any forwarding as it happens when you simply lose the call.

By the way, hackers can use this kind of attack to forward your messages to another number

Using the code * # 61 # will show you if someone is receiving your calls whenever they don’t answer. If you find any strange signs, you can automatically clear these settings by dialing ## 61 #.

Show who receives my data when I’m busy or reject the call: *#67#

This code informs you of calls and messages sent to other numbers when you are on another line or deny the call. The response you get when entering this code will reveal if someone is looking for you. If it is an unknown number and not yours, just type ## 67 #.

How you can protect your phone if all the symptoms turn out to be true?

Don’t panic if you get to know that your phone is hacked. You can use the following techniques to get rid of any malicious apps or spyware from your phone.

  • Whether you are an android or an iPhone user, first check out for any unknown app installed on your device. Once recognized, uninstall the app as soon as possible.
  • Restore your mobile phone as early as possible so that it returns to default settings.
  • Block the unknown numbers from which you are getting text messages and calls.

Summing up:

You must protect your phone from hacking because it appears to be the gateway to your personal and confidential information.

As your phone is connected to every commodity, so you need to take care of its safety and security. In case of any doubt, you can perform the above techniques to know if your phone is safe or not.

Then to get rid of hackers, you can adopt the given precautions.

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