Guide to Digital Marketing with AI and How It Can Help You Win the Game

Digital marketing with AI

If you are in the marketing business, you know how often the word AI comes up in a day. Whether it be tools, strategies, campaigns or content, we are unaware of the amount of AI that has used in the business. Whether you learn SEO or Social Media Marketing, AI is always included. In this … Read more

Social Media Marketing: An Innovative Marketing Technique

social media marketing

Today’s world is undoubtedly one of competition. The one with the weakest will always pay the price, therefore it is no longer for the weak-willed. Numerous business people today have abandoned the conventional methods of success in favor of adopting the most modern and effective strategies, methods, and procedures that money can buy. As a … Read more

What Is Bluetooth Proximity Marketing?

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Before we dive into what is Bluetooth proximity marketing? Let’s first get a little head’s up about what proximity marketing is? Proximity marketing is a technique to target customers at the right time and place, based on their precise location. It delivers one-of-a-kind results for businesses in combination with the right advertising strategies and tools. … Read more

Why does Facebook marketing work?

What is Facebook marketing

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking platforms that allow users to interact with each other and stay updated about current affairs and news all around the globe. According to Facebook, approximately one billion people log in to Facebook every day, which is quite a huge number. Any business using the Facebook … Read more