Compare with iPhone XR vs iPhone 12 which is the Best one?

In this article you will come to know the basic difference between iPhone XR vs iPhone 12. Both mobiles are basically the fine products of a well-known multinational technology company named Apple.

Apple is basically an American company. Apple is a company that has specialization in making electronics, computer software and online services. Apple is also one of the largest information technology companies.

There are three founders of Apple who started this company back in 1976. And they are

  • Steve Jobs
  • Steve Wozniak
  • Ronald Wayne

Now we will discuss the differences between the iPhone XR and iPhone 12.

Basically iPhone 12 is an upgraded version of Apple Company than iPhone XR. The iPhone 12 is an improved version. It is a more fresh design than the iPhone XR. More fines and improvements are used in making the iPhone 12 than iPhone XR.

Moreover, there is a two-year gap between the releases of both phones. The iPhone 12 is launched after two years of the iPhone XR. So, iPhone 12 has some new features regarding technology than iPhone XR. It is a better version than the iPhone XR.

Price Difference

There is a big price difference between iPhone XR and iPhone 12. When the iPhone XR launched in the market, the price of that phone was 749 dollars for the 64GB iPhone XR.

The 128 GB phone’s price was 799 dollars. In addition, the price of the 256GB iPhone XR at the launching time was 899 dollars.

And after two years when iPhone 12 was launched, the price of that phone was 799 dollars for 64 GB model. And the price of the 128 GB model of iPhone 12 was 849 dollars. The 256 GB model contains the price of 949 dollars each.

So, above are the prices of both phones iPhone XR and iPhone 12 at their launching time. But after the prices changed for both phones. But still the iPhone 12 is more expensive than the iPhone XR.

Design Difference

There is a major design difference between both phones. The iPhone XR is different from iPhone 12. In the two years of difference the phones differ when you see their sides. Their sides are different from each other’s. The gap between their sides is wider.

When iPhone XR launched in the market, its design was similar to iPhone 6 and iPhone X. At the start of the sale iPhone XR had a soft and rounded design. It was a revised design of iPhone X and iPhone 6.

In the survey, it is declared that the screen of iPhone XR is the same as iPhone 7 and 8. The fitting is also the same as the iPhone XR. The weight of the iPhone XR is almost 149g.

Also, the iPhone XR is chunkier than the iPhone 12. The weight of iPhone 12 is almost 164g, which means that the iPhone 12 is heavier than iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is slimmer and lighter. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 is rugged. Moreover, the iPhone is a stylish one. It has a unique design. In shape, it has flat edges and the corners are very sharp. The landscape of this phone is curved.

The iPhone XR has 6 different colors

  • White
  • Coral
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

While the iPhone 12 has five colors. There is an addition of green color in iPhone 12 while the other four colors are the same as iPhone XR.

Display Difference

Display depends on the size of the body of the mobile. Both phones iPhone XR and iPhone 12 have the same display size. Both phones’ screens give 6.5 inches display. In addition, the iPhone XR display is like a Liquid Retina IPS LCD. While the display of iPhone 12 is like a Super Retina XDR OLED.

Also, Liquid Retina is not sharper than Super Retina. Moreover, iPhone 12 has the display of OLED technology which shows that this phone has more natural colors than iPhone XR which has only LCD technology. Also, iPhone 12 has higher color contrast than iPhone XR.

Camera Difference

There is a big difference in the camera of both phones. The iPhone 12’s portrait mode is more clear and accurate. The iPhone 12 is better in the quality of shots. Night mood is also better on iPhone 12 than iPhone XR as it takes clear and sharp photos in the night.

In iPhone 12 there are more advanced features than iPhone XR. The photos of iPhone 12 look more natural than iPhone XR. In short, the camera resolution of iPhone 12 is better than iPhone XR.

Performance and Specifications

The performance of both phones is great. The iPhone XR has a CPU called A12 Bionic while iPhone 12 contains a latest CPU that is A14 Bionic. Both are extremely good at performance. The RAM of iPhone XR is 3GB. It is also a fast one. But the RAM used in iPhone 12 is 4GB. This phone is faster.

Apple is the only company which gives the best phones to the world regarding their performance. On the performance rate iPhone 12 is almost 50 percent faster than iPhone XR.

Both phones are offering their highest storage capacity of 256GB.  SO, the storage capacity of both mobiles is the same.

The big difference in their specifications is that iPhone 12 is providing 5G connectivity to the users. The iPhone XR does not have this ability. This is a big advantage to the iPhone 12.

It is a great thing for you because there is only 3G and 4G connectivity being used nowadays by people but Apple is providing 5G connectivity to the world.

Battery Life

Battery life of both phones is great. In these both models of phones Apple tries to give their best regarding battery life. But the battery of iPhone XR is better than iPhone 12. The iPhone XR has a battery of 292mAh and on the other hand iPhone 12 has a battery of 2815mAh.

Another big difference is that the iPhone 12 has great pixels which affect the battery life of a mobile. More pixels are there in iPhone 12 than iPhone XR.

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In the end, both phones are great and the best products of Apple Company. Apple is trying its level best in providing smooth products to the world.

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