Guideline| How to Create Free Edu Email Account step by step in 2022

Free edu email is an email extension that is provided to the students and staff of the educational institute of the USA.

This email extension is provided without charging any amount from the students and staff. 

Free edu email contains the name of the institute and is provided individually to students and staff.

 Free edu email builds a strong communication level between the student and staff of the institute.

Rather than approaching physical to individuals, many students/staffs approach through email accounts to each other.

Features of Free edu email

Free edu email is for all even for the individuals who are not living in the USA.

Everyone can get the most authentic extension email without paying a single penny.

Users just need to learn the procedure of getting a free account. This email extension equally works for USA citizens and non-USA citizens.

How to create an account on free edu email

  • Users can simply visit the website to create an account.
  • Choose the option “create an account”.
  • Tab will require information to proceed.
  • Open this link to generate your fake identity in the USA.
  • Choose “USA” as a country when a tab is open and in the end press the “generate identity” option.
  • Register yourself with the fake information.
  • Choose “None” when asking for the suffix option.
  • Now enter your active email address and fake phone number of USA.
  • Enter the username and passcode that you want to use.
  • Pick a security question that you want to answer.
  • Now click on “Create my account”.
  • Sign-in into your account and choose the name of your desired institute from the given list and choose to Start my application”.
  • Select the optional date of your application.
  • Select the option “My mailing address is the same as permanent address”.
  • Select your year of graduation and high school graduation.
  • Choose your CGPA above 3.4.
  • Now select 12grade AP English composition.
  • Select further basic information as “European for a race, A grade for algebra, None for USA military, None for athletic interest, Male/Female for gender, None for Latino or Hispanic.
  • Now select your state and country for the last time and press the option of giving “Consent” and submit your application.
  • Now, wait for some days to get feedback.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Equally works for USA citizens and other individuals outside the USAUsers outside the USA need to generate fake identity
Free email extensionTough procedure to create an account for Non-USA citizens.
Users having free edu email accounts can get discounts from many companiesUsers may get penalized for providing fake information
Build strong communication level between staff and studentsAccessible for few universities for Non-USA citizen


Free edu email is pretty useful for the students and staff of American institutes.

 Free edu email eradicates the hurdle of communication gaps between students and staff.

This email extension is equally feasible for American residents and Individuals outside the USA.

Users can get a lot of benefits from many MNC companies related to Technology. There are lot more features that make it pretty attractive for individuals.

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