How to Block Someone on LinkedIn in 2022?

Blocking someone on LinkedIn is very easy nowadays. If you want your profile to not be viewed by someone then you can simply block him from LinkedIn.

You can block a person from your mobile as well as from your desktop or laptop also. The person will appear in your block list once you block that person from your LinkedIn account.

What Happens When You Block Someone from The LinkedIn?

The person you blocked from your profile will not receive any notification from your account. So, the person also will not be able to message you on your LinkedIn account after blocking.

Basically LinkedIn is a place where someone can connect to the professionals for working. Professionals can be known persons or unknown ones also.

When you accept invitations from an unknown person then things can be uncomfortable for you. If you do not want to hear anything from that person then simply block that person from your LinkedIn account.

You can block almost fourteen hundred persons at the given time. LinkedIn is also very helpful in blocking and does not notify the other person you blocked from your profile.

But in one case LinkedIn notified that person about the blocking if you shared a LinkedIn recruiter account with that person before blocking him/her.

And there is also an option of unblocking the person you blocked him before. And if you unlock that person then again want to block, then you have to wait for at least 48 hours to block that person again.

In the past there are some people who engaged in activities like harassing and abusive behavior with others. LinkedIn set some policies to avoid this type of abusive behavior from the professionals.

So, now you can block these types of people to get rid of them.

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn?

There are some methods or steps you have to follow to block someone from your LinkedIn account. These are as follows

If you are Unable to locate the Person you want to Block

There are some reasons why you face the problem of locating that person you want to block from your LinkedIn profile. The reasons are described below

  1. The very first reason can be that the person may hibernated his profile
  2. Moreover, the person can also be removed from the site because of his abusive behavior that violates the LinkedIn policies.
  3. The other reason may be that the person blocks from his LinkedIn profile.
  4. The last reason for that may be the person locked the LinkedIn account.

But if you get an account of that person and you want to block than follow these steps.

Block Someone from your Desktop or Laptop

The process of blocking the person from your LinkedIn profile is very easy and simple.

  1. You have to first go to the profile of that person you want to block after locating the profile.
  2. There was a More button there on his profile. The button is located on the right of their name on your desktop. Click on that More button.
  3. After clicking the More button there will be a menu appearing in front of you. You have to select the report or block option from that menu.
  4. Then you have to choose the block name from there.
  5. After that select the block option to confirm that person you want to block from your LinkedIn profile.
  6. Now the person is blocked from your profile.

Moreover, you can also unblock the person if you want. But now this person cannot be able to watch your profile anymore.

Block Someone from your Mobile

If you want to block someone from your mobile instead of your desktop then you have to use the LinkedIn app.

Mobile blocking is also very simple and simple. You have to just install the app and login to your profile on the LinkedIn app.

  1. First, open your profile on the LinkedIn app.
  2. Then go to the profile of that person you want to block from your profile.
  3. There will be three dots appearing in front of you on the person’s profile next to the Message option. Tap the three dots from there.
  4. There will be some menu that appears in front of you after clicking the three dots on the person’s profile you want to block.
  5. Click the Report and Block option from the menu. This option will be available at the last so scroll the menu to see this option.
  6. Then tap on the block option that appears on your mobile screen. That is present at the bottom of the menu.
  7. Then confirms the blocking by tapping the block option. And now you blocked that person from your LinkedIn profile.

Same here there is an option of unblocking too if you go to your block list. But now this person will not get any notification from you.

Wrapping Up

The blocking these days becomes like a piece of cake. You can block anyone at any time without any problem.

If you do not know the method of blocking someone on LinkedIn from your profile then follow the above discussed steps. After following these you will be able to block the desired person.

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