How to contact the HR department with Amazon ERC number?

Every office have their contact center for facilitate to his customers, online visitors, and general query also.

some companies provide detail their office contact center, mostly provide their office number also for easily reach out.

In this blog, I will be sharing critical information required to contact the Amazon help department.

I will also share details regarding how the Amazon ERC framework works. Before we begin our discussion what exactly is Amazon ERC.

What is the Amazon ERC number?

Amazon ERC number is also known as an employment resource center. More than one million employees are working permanently for Amazon that are serving clients from more than 50 nations in almost 15 languages.

These workers aid the clients in resolving their critical issues like sourcing and storage. The employment resource center helps the internal employees to connect with the HR department of Amazon where they can share their queries.

The Amazon ERC number where employees can interact with senor administration is (888) 829-7180. There are more than 9 ERC centers that are spread across the globe especially in developing countries like China, India, and Indonesia respectively.

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Significance of Amazon HR division

The Amazon HR department number is 001206-922-0880. There is a huge significance of Amazon’s HR division or department.

The amazon HR department plays an important role in creating harmony among workers and managers. Moreover, it aims to resolve issues of workplace, harassment, discrimination, and gender bias if it exists among different communities.

Amazon’s HR department aims to provide equal opportunities where people from all ethnicities can flourish and prosper without facing any sort of intimidation from the mainstream population.

How does the ERC department work?

ERC department closely interacts with the HR department of Amazon.

It resolves the issues of Amazon employees related to wages, workplace environment, or any issue related to the job such as compensation. The HR team works with due diligence to resolve the issues of employees and junior workers.

Is ERC available 24/7?

  • Amazon ERC is available from 9 am to 5 pm on working days.
  • You can also call them from 11 am to 11 pm.
  • Although the ERC department provides basic customer support for round the clock
  • Roughly 3000 employees are working in different locations of Amazon ERC centers across the globe.

Specifications of Amazon Employee Resource Center (ERC)

There are several features and functionalities of the ERC framework in Amazon. Some of them would be discussed below.

  • Amazon ERC enables employees to contact directly with their respective managers. This helps them to resolve issues.
  • ERC also plays a critical role in the selection and recruitment of employees.
  • One of the main features or functions of Amazon ERC is to redirect the call to the senior manager of the particular domain. Here employees can share their problems like work-life balance or wages issues respectively.


Here I would be sharing some of the most frequently asked questions that are popular among users searching this query.

What is the Amazon administration number?

The Amazon administration number is 1-888-280-433. You can dial this number and contact the relevant authorities to record your complaints and queries.

Is there any way we can send mail to Amazon ERC?

Yes, you can also share your issues online via email. The mailing hours to send mail are from 8 Am to 4 pm.

Does Amazon have an HR department?

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies therefore it has a very well-developed HR department.


Amazon ERC is a well-developed system that allows employees to communicate with senior administration. You can contact your respected managers and get your queries resolved.

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