The growing success of the VR regime is no astonishment to any soul out there. Day by day, the fame of virtual reality is surpassing its way beyond. Large tech giants are looking forward to investing more and more in VR game development.

Since Virtual Reality is the future, it is savvied to be cracking much higher approval than mobile game development. Nevertheless, it’s no 2-D. Forget about that in Virtual Reality. It’s entirely 3-D, for which you have to conquer 3-D designing.

According to research, 58.9 million people will use VR this year, and 93.3 million people will use AR at least once per month.

Not to mention the VR technology has matured over the years on many levels and swayed many tech lovers into its use. But, more importantly, it gained traction in several categories such as gaming and others.

A VR game,

Imagine a game where you can see the whole three dimensions as if you are there in the game – that’s a VR game for you, isn’t that exciting? You no longer are confined to a 6-inch mobile or a 65-inch TV screen. Think even bigger! – which is quite fascinating and thrilling to play.

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Why Invest in A Virtual Reality Game?

Virtual reality and augmented reality gaming have been dominating the market significantly over the past few years. Not to mention its trend intact, although escalating steadily. As a result, this aspect has made this technology worth inverting your bid.

Additionally, the current VR market value is 17.25 billion US dollars and is expected to grow even more. So while the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic influenced the VR consumer market globally a year back, shockingly, it made its way up again this year – quite impressive, though.

Global revenue of the virtual reality gaming industry is expected to grow by 2.4$ billion by 2024. Let’s see the virtual reality gaming revenue worldwide from 2018 to 2024 by Statista:

YearRevenue in US Dollars
20242.4 billion
20231.9 billion
20221.6 billion
20211.4 billion
20201.1 billion
20190.8 billion
20180.6 billion

Considering the above figures, the virtual reality market is rocketing worldwide in the video gaming portion and is anticipated to flourish even more in the coming years. This is why you should invest in the virtual reality and augmented reality gaming industry to keep the highest revenue intact for yourself.

This article defines it as a virtual reality game guide: a guide to building a VR game app in 8 steps.

Let’s reel!

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A VR Game App in 8 Steps

The actual process of VR app development begins with concrete planning along with thorough research in place.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the following steps which are part of virtual reality game development:

  1. Forming An Innovative VR App Idea
  2. Market Research
  3. Choosing The Right VR Device
  4. Graphics Of the VR App
  5. Picking The Game Development Platform
  6. Choosing The Game Developer
  7. Cost Finalization
  8. VR Game Launch

Let’s detail them! Step by step.

Forming An Innovative VR App Idea

At the very beginning, you should devise an app idea for your VR game app, which should consume the target audience’s attention drastically.  Although ideating an innovative idea is so easy, it can be done with the right amount of research on your target audience. For instance, what do they want? And some other questions you should cater to invent an exceptional virtual reality game idea. Like:

  • What is the wow factor of your virtual reality game app?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How would the target audience feel while playing the game? Or what they should feel?
  • How would your VR game enhance the gaming experience?

“Asking the right questions is as important as answering them.” – Benoit Mandelbrot.

More importantly, in this very process, asking the right questions and finding the answers matter the most. The principle of “who,” “what,” “why,” “where,” and “how” always comes in handy regardless of the circumstances.

Besides, you cannot invent something tremendous unless you know the angles and provide the most viable solution possible. Hence, you’ll conquer even beyond.

Market Research

Market and competitor analysis ensure you of the essential insights about the existing virtual reality game apps already in the market, which, in turn, help you even more to improvise and improve your VR game idea on many grounds.

On the good, it allows you to identify and leverage the target audience’s pain points and come up with your own that caters to existing fuzzes of the VR games. In addition, you can’t help but notice the gaps in customer expectations. Therefore, enable you to devise a better strategy and features to tackle the findings of your research.

Overlooking this step can put an effective dent in your VR game app. So, make sure to carry out the market research explicitly.

Choosing The Right VR Device

It is substantially important to select a suitable VR device for your virtual reality game before the development. No rocket science, but practicality picking the most targeted VR device would be the right choice, even though there are several VR devices out there.

Right target VR device aids in identifying the VR game’s scope. As if it should be a multiplayer game or a single player.

You can choose your target device from:

  • VR Game For Consoles.
  • VR Game For Computers.
  • And VR Game For Mobile Phones.

You have to choose the right device in which your target audience is more involved – from the above-stated platforms. Then, you should hop to the next step.

Also, there is no point in creating a VR game app that doesn’t have adequate revenue planned out, which should intrigue users into purchasing your app. You should also consider this before virtual reality game app development.

Graphics Of the VR App

Choosing the right graphics type is also essential. That, in turn, allows you to identify your virtual reality game’s design and development cost. The graphics types include 2D, 3D, Photorealistic, and 360 panoramic videos. Accordingly, choose the most demanded graphics.

Or, you can be creative by selecting the least requested graphic type and improving it with your phenomenal VR game. But that’s your call, not mine. Otherwise, the most demanded is highly recommended.

Picking The Game Development Platform

Inventing the right idea, choosing the right graphics, the suitable VR device, and the right VR game development platform is essential to make a stand-out and arguably compelling virtual reality game. You must choose the most favored VR game app development platform as it affects your VR game success on many levels.

Not to mention it’s quite a complex job to choose the best in today’s world. Since each has phenomenal standings in the markets, you’re good to go with some right amount of research.

Consider t

he following factors necessarily while choosing a game development platform:

  • Game density and complexity – graphics, gameplay, and programming language.
  • Potential target audience.
  • Chosen game app device.

Choosing The Game Developer

After totally achieving triumph over the earlier steps, it’s time to partner up with an experienced game developer because a lot is at stake when investing and developing an effective VR game.

And that’s why you need qualified developers that should make your VR game phenomenally without overlooking any essential aspects in the development process.

Having an experienced app development company alongside you can bring out the best results for your app. As they can help you tackle any peculiarities and challenges in the process all along.

Before picking the right developer team, you must consider the following:

  • Professional experience in the market.
  • Strong portfolio.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Client reviews and feedbacks.
  • App development process.
  • Post-development process.

Cost Finalization

Be reminded, when developing such an app requires a lot more than you think. But please consider doing things under your budget. Investing a minimum amount might yield you a simple VR game that no one might consider playing.

Thus, draw out a fair amount that should get you the best you need. It’s instead of some standard understanding that people like high-functioning, encompassed with tons of features stuff.

However, to give you a notion of how much it costs to build a VR game. Similarly, the cost may range from 10,000 – 50,000 US Dollars for a basic VR game app. And the cost may go higher as per the VR game features, complexity, tech stack, and other factors.

VR Game Launch

Finally, when everything goes according to the plan, then it’s time you launch your virtual reality game app in the market. Make sure to release it on a platform that ensures an easy reach for potential users.

But this step also involves some other measures to put into account. Not to mention, at this point the VR game app marketing plays an important role. So, make sure to consider marketing your app along with post-development measures in mind.

However, releasing an app should not be a much hassle. Perhaps you can do it easily or collaborate with a professional custom software development company to make that happen. Above all, promote your virtual reality game app on many platforms possible.

It’s Time

To sum up, developing a virtual reality game is a challenging task to carry out. Needs effective initiative with choosing the apt platform and technology. Although it’s a brand-new innovation, constantly demanding innovative enhancements.

Hopefully, this post provided you with the core steps in building an excellent virtual reality game app – from all the necessary aspects needed to develop a VR game that would attract your target audience.

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