How to Create Web Stories for Blog

How to create web stories for blogs?

Before knowing how to create web stories for blogs. First you have to know about what web stories are. The definition of web stories is as follows:

Web Stories

The visual and full screen content for the web is called web stories. This content is very rich visually. This content also permits you to swap it or tap it through stories. So, if you want to consume the content then you have to tap and swap it through web stories. You can also search the web stories from Google because it supports the web stories.

Now you will learn how to create Web Stories for your Blog. There are some steps to create your web story. Web story can be created in just 5 minutes. Web stories are not only available on social platforms they are also available on the open web pages.

You can also share them with other people if you want to share. Web stories are always there for a longer period of time and they do not disappear after seeing them.

To create the web story you have to follow the following steps. These steps are very easy and simple.

Choosing of a Visual Editor

The very first step of creating the Web Stories is the choosing of a visual editor. So, choose your visual editor wisely. Basically visual editor is a program of making photos, videos and other graphics. You can also customize these photos, videos and graphics by your own through the visual editor. The functions used in the visual editor for making web stories are very simple and easy to use.

There are also some templates available for creating web stories. Also, there is no need for any expert of editing videos or designing for creating web stories. So, the content can be made beautifully and attractive by this visual editor. You can also make web stories for your WordPress account also.

Drafting of Story

The second step of creating Web Stories is the drafting of a story. The best Web Stories tell a total story from the second they are distributed to keep the peruser locked in. Since all pages of a story are distributed on the double, it’s critical to thoroughly consider the account of your Internet Story similarly you would for a blog entry or video.

The creativity of making web stories varies from person to person. Every person has his own mind of perception. But, if you want my recommendation then you can make the outline of your web stories in Google Docs. The Storytime group utilizes this content layout to design each page’s substance and any text, and videos and photographs or activities we intend to utilize.

Finding of Visual Assets

The next step of making Web Stories is the finding of visual assets. In this step the basic part is choosing the best videos and photos for the creation of a web story. This step is also called the time taking step of making Web Stories. If you are a blogger then it is a big advantage for you because you can use the videos and photos you already have in your gallery for making your Web Story.

The important thing to know here is that you have to use the videos of full pages whose formats should be vertically. This will help in quick loading of your Web Stories. And also it helps using a very less bandwidth.

Creating of Web Stories

The fourth step of creating a web story after drafting is making of the Web Story. After the story is drafted and all the assets are set in one place now it is time to start making your Web Stories. After starting to make Web Stories, using the templates of visual editor that are premade is the fastest and quickest way of creating Web Stories.

You have to add an attractive video and photo in your Web Stories and in the tool and also you have to add a call to action. It will help your audience to motivate your Web Stories and they will click on the learn more option.

Web stories are basically the visual interactional form of social media. The audience can click forwards and backwards to see the pages. They can also follow links to see pages and Web Stories and to engage them in seeing your Web Stories.

The other way of making your Web Stories interactive is the addition of quizzes and polls in your Web Stories. This will help in increasing viewers on your Web Stories.

So, by doing these entirely your Web Stories are ready now and you can move to the next step of creation of Web Stories.

Publishing of Web Stories

The last part of creating Web Stories is the publishing of your Web Stories for your blogs. After making the best Web Stories and if you are satisfied with your Web Story making then it is time to publish it in your blogs. Your Web Story’s media will decide how good your Web Stories are. Now the world will see your Web Stories content.

Publishing your Web Stories is very simple and easy. There is a publishing button on your visual editor if you are using it. By clicking this button your Web Stories will be published.

After following these steps you will be able to create your own Web Stories content. Now you can check your Web Stories on your blogs after publishing them.

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So, that is all from us. I think after reading this article you will make your Web Stories by your own very easily. This article will give you a great help in creating your own Web Stories instead of stealing the content from others Web Stories.

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