How to do Competitive Backlink Profile Analysis?

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  • Backlinks profile Analysis.
  • Backlinks Gap Analysis
  • Competitor Strategies.
  • Link building Opportunities.

Backlinks Profile Analysis

Backlinks are a reliable indicator of a website’s desirability and credibility, as other websites will link a website providing any benefit to the web.

A comprehensive analysis of your website’s backlink profile is used to determine its strengths and weaknesses and map out any future SEO efforts by presenting potential growth opportunities that have not been explored yet. A backlink analysis will also show how your website measures up against competitors. You’ll gain some insight into your competitors’ strategies and what you could implement in your process.

The above table shows’s backlink profile against the competitors. We can see that is leading with a staggering 45.2k backlinks, more than every competitor’s combined backlink count. Optibacprobiotics and balanceone are following behind with 19.6k and 15.4k, respectively. At the 4th position is omnibiotic life with just 4.6k backlinks, but that is still far more than biotiquest’s mere 451 backlinks.
It is evident from this data that we will need to shift our focus to backlinks acquisitions for any prospects of a better ranking.


This backlink graph shows a steady backlink acquisition trend from the Dec-21 period, with our backlinks count growing from 150 to 450. Still, we will need to double down on the acquisition efforts and increase the rate of acquisitions if we want to rank higher.

Referring Domains:

Referring domains are websites from which the target website or web page has one or more backlinks, and this data represents the total number of such unique websites. A more significant number of individual websites linking to a target site is always a positive indicator for search engines to rank it higher.
As seen in the above data from Ahref Domain Analytics,’s referring domains have increased up to 7%.
This graph shows the growth trend of’s referring domains. We can see steady growth from Dec-21 and onwards. It will be best if efforts are sped up even more for acquiring new referring domains.

New and Lost Referring Domains

Let’s have a look at the new and lost referring domains data for the last 6 months:

Except for the period between Mar-22 to Apr-22, our efforts show positive results with the acquisition of new domains with minimum loss. If we manage to keep this trend, we hope to achieve great results for a higher SE ranking of our domain.

Backlinks Gap Analysis

Backlink Gap Analysis is the study of’s backlink profile against its competitors, identifying unique websites that link to the competitors but not Backlink analysis can further help us measure the difference in the number and quality of links coming into our site against our competitors.

This can be used to strategize SEO efforts based on the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Authority Score

SEMRush’s authority score metric is a compound domain score that grades the overall quality of a website or a webpage. The higher the score, the more assumed weight a domain’s or web page’s backlinks could have. The graph below shows the authority score of’s competitor sites, which provides a quantitative insight into the competition’s backlink profile, which we can use to evaluate our SEO approach. leads this group with an authority score of 47, with a gradual increase since Aug-21. is just behind with an authority score of 45. and are following with a score of 41 each.

Referring Domains:

The table below shows the referring domain acquisition of’s competitors. A high number of referring domains translates to increased rankings on search engine results pages. is also leading here, with 2065 sites linking to it. is second here with 1558 referring domains. is getting 1024 unique backlinks., with its 653 referring domains, is the last by a big difference but is still way ahead of, which has 0 such unique referring domains. should focus on improving its referring domains portfolio and should work towards acquiring such links to improve ranking prospects.

Competitor Strategies

A study of Competitor strategy can help us give insight into what works and what does not regarding SEO. Let’s have a look at some of’s competitors’ strategies.

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