How to install delta shower faucet: determine the step-by-step guidance

Installing the shower faucet is not like installing a simple sink faucet. Do you think you are advanced in mechanics? have you installed the faucet in your shower cabin before?

Although the sink faucet is not that tricky, anyone can do it by following the internet guidance.

Moreover, people usually don’t like to take risks as they have invested a lot of money in a new shower faucet. Are you good at measuring or good at handling drills?

How to install a delta shower faucet? If you want to know the details, keep reading till the end.

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Steps for how to install delta shower faucet:

You will need to know all the technical tools and appliances that would help you to achieve the shower faucet installation by yourself. You can take help from your friends.

Try to be more focused in the installation. Your slight ignorance can damage the working of shower faucet.

Tools required: Teflon tape, mearing tape or scale, pencil to mark the point at base, impact river, drill, crescent wrench, Allen set of screws, half-inch plugs, crimps rings, pex drop, pex adaptors.


The first thing is to install the pex adaptors with each end of the shower valve.

Now you can wrap the Teflon tape around the threaded ends in clockwise direction and make sure to tighten it. This is avoid the leakage when you install the adaptors in the shower faucet.

Wrap all of the joints with layers of tape.

There is a copper wiring in the adaptor that is not secured with the tape so you will need to have an alternative.

You can use the white joint compound, that will cover the gap and cover the tape as well.

Now take the wrench and tighten the pex adaptor, to prevent any sort of leakage.

Now its time for the measuring the center of the shower base at which you are going to place the faucet.

Take the measuring tape and mark the center of the shower base. Try to mark the center that its equally center to both the shower head and shower valve.

For the installation of your shower head, you will need to set back about three quarters of an inch for block.

And for the shower valve you will need to set back two inches.

Now its time for the installation of shower valve, you need to use wood screws with drilling.

Take the pencil, put the valve on the base and mark the position. After this drill on the exact point on the mark.

You will drill the valves mark on both sides, you would set the hot on the right side and the cold one in the left side.

After drilling the holes, you would need a support to attach the pipes with valves end.

For this attaching, you will need the half inch elbows.

Place the elbows at the exact point where you want the pipe and mark the position.

Now take the pipe cutter and place the elbows, connects them to the pex.

You will use the crimping tool to crimp the elbow on the pipe, at the exact place you mark the position.

The crimping is for the tightening of the pipes and valves. When you connect the pipes with valves and there is quite a chance of leakage or bursting out of the pipes due to the water pressure.

You will use the crimp rings on both left and right sides.

Now you will have the leftover pipe and install the drop here.

You will place the pipe at the middle of the adaptor that will connect both the ends of the valves.

This middle pipe is for the shower head that you will place in a while.

You can purchase a square plastic holder that fits in the middle of the joining of the valves and pipes.

Now you are done with the internal piping so you can fix the shower head and valve from the box you ordered from the delta.

Take the screws and plugs, fix them on both the valves and shower head.

Install the heads and valves with the wrench, tighten the screws and plugs.

Now you have installed the shower head and valve.

 How to make the infrastructure for the shower faucet?

You can have the wooden base for the installation and build an infrastructure where you will connect the pipes for water flow.


Is the delta serving the facility for the installation?

Yes, delta itself provides the installation services, but not everyone can afford that. although you can still get the best guidelines from the internet to install the shower faucet. You can save a lot of bucks for doing the plumbing by yourself.

How would to know the best faucet model for the bathroom?

You can measure the valve and old faucet head diameter to get the installation for new shower faucet. Although the delta has the same and universal size of the faucets at their stores that is suitable for almost every faucet.

How much cost it takes on the installation of shower faucet without a plumber?

If you cant arrange any plumber or it’s the weekend, then you will need to do it by yourself.

Although it is not that difficult but you can do if you know the proper procedure and tools. However, you will need to spend some amount of dollar on the tools as they are necessary.


Are you trying to contact the plumber but he’s not picking up? You have ordered the new delta shower faucet and you want to install it.

Although you have never installed the faucet in your life but you can if you learn from the internet. How to install delta shower faucet?

After following the procedure steps guidance you can install the faucet. Although it will take some time to build the infrastructure at which you are going to install t

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