How to wake someone up over the phone?

in this article we will discuss detail of how to wake someone up over the Usually, we become tired from the daily work and become frustrated.

The only way to give rest to our brains is to have some rest.

However, we don’t know when we will wake up if there is much important work to do or if you may schedule some meetings, you may lose them and would not wake up on time if any other person doesn’t let you up. 

Technology has improved our daily life routine, and it is playing a pivotal role in making our life much easier.

If you have an iPhone, you can set the time for ringing; in this way, you will not miss out on important meetings or won’t be late for your office. On this page, you will learn how to wake someone up over the phone.

How to Set Alarm on iPhone

Never sleep again. Learn how to set your iPhone alarm clock, and you will have a surefire wake-up call. You will need an iPhone to follow the steps to fix the Alarm on your iPhone.

Step 1

Go to the clock application or app on your iPhone. Touch the alarm button at the bottom of the screen on your clock screen. 

Step 2

Touch the plus sign located at the top right corner of the screen to create a new alarm 

Step 3

Touch repeat to set how often you want the Alarm to repeat, select every Monday to have an alarm every Monday, or choose all the days to repeat it every day. Select the back button to return to the alarm setup screen 

Step 4

Select the sound option to choose the tone you want for the Alarm. You can select one from the already loaded tones. Touch on the ringtone you wish to have on your Alarm and go back to 

Step 5

Turn the snooze option on or off by pressing the words next to snooze; set it to on if you want the option activated. 

Step 6

If you want to have a label on your Alarm, touch on the title and use the keys to enter the label for your Alarm and connect back to return.

We suggest turning off your Alarm on your weekends like Saturday and Sunday or changing the ringtone of this two-day Alarm. 

Step 7

Set the time for your Alarm by adjusting the hour, minutes, and a.m or p.m dials at the bottom of your screen, then select the save option to save the Alarm and return to the main alarm screen. 

Step 8

Suppose you want to find your newly created Alarm on the main alarm screen and be sure that it’s turned on. The word on should appear if not touched on the off option to make it on it will be activated.

In this way, you can rest easy, knowing that your iPhone alarm won’t let you down. 

Easy to use Features to change Alarm of iPhone

Suppose you face difficulty finding your alarm application or setting some specific Alarm feature you are providing with the search box on your phone’s settings. In that case, you can easily find out the feature or option that you want to change.

Another way of finding opportunities like these is through the help of Siri in iPhones. Siri is an iPhone assistant and facilitates users to search for whatever they want.

Infect you can call your friends without using your finger in the same way you can turn off and on the Alarm and can easily change the ringtone of the Alarm that you have set through the assistance of Siri. You will need to call Siri then speak; show me my Alarm. It will take you to the screen of the scheduled Alarm.

How To Turn Off The Fire Alarm On iPhone

Many ringtones are preloaded from the Apple Company, including fire alarm, dog barking, smoke detector, official iPhone ringtone, and many others.

You will find more than 40 ringtones that are preloaded on the phone. Moreover, you can make any song or ringtone as your Alarm. How to set it is explained in the coming section.


How To Change Alarm Sound On iPhone

Select the Alarm tab in the Clock app, then navigate to the Edit button. After you’ve tapped the Alarm, you’ll be given the option of Sound, which you may choose from.

The Alarm will play at a predetermined volume through your iPhone’s built-in speakers, as well as wired and wireless headphones and speakers when you connect headphones or speakers to your iPhone.

How To Set A Song As An Alarm Ringtone On An iPhone?

Follow the steps to change the Alarm. It’s not the same as setting ringtones on an iPhone to set the Alarm with music. Select the Clock app to create a music alarm. 

Step 1

The application finds the alarm option at the bottom of the menu bar and touches it to have a new screen in the clock.

Step 2

After selecting the Alarm, you will find the plus sign to set up a new alarm, or if you want to edit, touch on the edit option at the top right corner of the screen. 

Step 3

After selecting the plus sign, another screen will pop up; you will find the option of Sound in the 4th row. Click on it and then go to the next screen, where you have to pick a song from an alternative.

Step 4

When you touch on the pick a song, it will take you to your phone’s library, from where you can pick a song or any ringtone you have downloaded to use as an alarm sound.

Step 5

After picking the desired song, click on the back button on the top left corner, then make sure to save it by clicking the save button on the top right corner. 

Set Up the Timer to Stop Music | Steps

If you are not familiar with the Stop Playing option in the Clock app, you have missed the essential feature that turns off any music, video clip, TV show, or other media currently playing on your iPhone.

Begin with the Stop Playing timer, then put on your music and drift off to your favorite melodies, safe in the knowledge that your iPhone will turn it off when you want it to.

Step 1

Open the clock app from the home screen 

Step 2

Select timer located at the lower right corner 

Step 3

Set the countdown timer to play music using the two simulated spin wheels. Set the timer to 1 hour, for example, to listen to music for an hour.

Step 4

Select the timer to be ended 

Step 5

Stop Playing may be found at the bottom of the screen. Then, in the upper-right corner, select Set to preserve your selection.

Step 6

Go to the application where you have downloaded the music and play it.

Step 7

You have to return to the clock application to start the timer, select start at the bottom left corner, and play it. The music will stop once the timer you have set reaches. 


In the modern-day world, it is a habit to all of us that we are using technology and it is mandatory for us to use it as if you do not use the Alarm you cannot wake up on your desired timings and maybe you miss out on your essential things to do in your day. Therefore, setting up an alarm is the best option to wake up early. 

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