IDP.Generic Malware: What is it and how to Stay Safe from this Virus?

If you’re running a website that accepts users from anywhere in the world, you may have heard about the threat of IDP. Generic. But what exactly is this issue?

And how can you avoid it, or at least ensure it doesn’t affect your business? This post will tell you everything you need to know about IDP.Generic and how to identify if your system is at risk from this attack vector

What is IDP.Generic?

An IDP.Generic is a common malware/Virus which is spotted by generic anti-virus software wherever it occurs. Most people use the AVG or Avast antivirus engines to identify them.

IDP stands for the fact that the malware attempts to steal your identity. When you get such an alert, there are two possible explanations:

  • To make things worse, by default, the antivirus application you are using identifies this file as a virus.
  • Most commonly, the detected type of IDP.Generic is Trojan malware which is too a computer virus.

How to avoid IDP.Generic Malware?

To make sure your computer is safe from IDP.Generic malware, here are 5 ways to protect your computer:

1.     Use updated antivirus software

Unfortunately, some of these malware kits are constantly changing their methods to stay ahead of the game. Getting outdated antivirus software may have allowed these same infection methods to go undetected for some time. Even a month or two of old software will have an outdated signature, making it more difficult for malware to hide within it.

2.     Always keep your operating system up to date

This means not using old antivirus software on your web browsers, or software for encrypting your files. Let’s keep this rule in mind when you’re tempted to use a popular virus scanner. Whenever you see something that looks like a good quality antivirus program, check if it’s using that type of software.

3.     Forum these type of virus

If you see a popular forum thread with a warning about a virus, and you feel like you’re too paranoid, then don’t believe the word of some dumbass on a website. Use Google as your search engine to find the link to the thread, and determine if what that person is saying is true or not.

4.     Always use UpToDate antivirus software

Just like the step above, using antivirus software in the past has led to infection. An up-to-date antivirus scanner can detect the differences in signatures and modifications between signatures. Using such an antivirus scanner may also have blocked these same infection methods from infecting your computer in the first place!

5.     Use antimalware programs instead of antivirus programs

Antimalware programs are supposed to have a different algorithm for detecting malware than antivirus software. Antimalware will catch more types of malware than an antivirus program, and it doesn’t rely on signatures. These programs can catch a wide variety of threats.

Malware is a big problem on the Internet, and it seems like every week there’s a new type of malware to avoid. IDP.Generic malware is one of the newer types that can infect your system and wreak havoc with your data, but don’t worry; you can protect yourself if you know what to look for.


In conclusion, the key to avoiding getting affected by the attack vector of IDP.Generic is to ensure that you keep the system up-to-date with the necessary security patches and software updates. You can check with your antivirus vendor for any specific details on how to apply these updates.

So, in summary, no website and not even small micro-sites need to take any special action to avoid getting infected by the IDP attack vector. Also, it is important to note that IDP.

Generic does not just affect whether your system runs on Windows or macOS (or both), but the actual software installed on your system and that affects its security of.

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