Interactive College Classroom Activities

Education is already considered a difficult process by some students, and sitting in a classroom where they feel bored by the lectures is not something to look forward to.

Whether it is a kindergartener, middle schooler, high schooler, or college student, interactive activities hold a lot of importance.

Need for interactive activities

Interaction and communication help students learn from each other, through competition and other practices.

After most educational institutions ERP needs digitalized means of conducting classes through an LMS compulsory, such activities are rare, hence students had started to feel isolated.

Here is why we need interactive activities even in online classes;

  • Good mental development and a growth-related mindset help students to remember information and improve memory skills.
  • Students develop various soft skills like communication, empathy, team spirit, and so on which are collectively known as social skills.
  • Building good relationships and friendships in class which can help them to enhance emotional factors, and feel included in the learning process. Classmates can tutor each other and come together for group study sessions to increase academic efficiency.
  • Improves resource building for students, they can refer to multiple students for notes and other learning material.

A lot of times college instructors feel like they are the students in a classroom because they keep talking all day without a lot of response from the students. This is true, especially for classes conducted through an LMS. College students can join a class, put themselves on mute or switch off their videos, and attend two other courses and jobs which are top on their priority list.

To avoid such problems, college professors can take up interactive activities which can grab students’ attention and make them willing to participate in a class more. Here is how;

Open-ended questions

An open-ended question is directly aimed at students, for them to understand the practical meaning and application of the question.

Like a closed question, there are different answers to an open-ended one. This means that the question is open to interpretation analysis, logical analytical, and critical reasoning.

Instead of answering yes or no, students get to think about the question from various perspectives and later expressed their thoughts as an answer.

Close reading

Close reading or break reading is a method of breaking down a complex topic into smaller bits that can be discussed in a classroom individually.

Later, the teacher can take apart in the interactive session to draw a relationship between all these smaller topics. It is a fragmented method of learning which also facilitates communication and group work among students.

Constructive criticism and discussions

Often we like to look at movies, series, and read books, and give basic criticism on them. It is not based on any analysis or direction, the reasoning of whether something is good or bad is based on personal feelings towards it.

Critical analysis or constructive criticism helps students to think in a particular direction by taking note of the logic behind it. Every student will have a different construction for their criticism,

which they can resolve by discussing and coming to an equilibrium point. It is a great method of intellectual awakening and practicing meaningful interaction.

Digitalized activities

Students, parents, and teachers mostly engage with each other with the help of an LMS. Hence, the use of digital devices for participating in interactive activities is important.

Instructors can use laptops, mobile phone devices, smartphones, and other mediums to make digital teaching fun by including activities that don’t need the physical presence of a student. Consider downloading an application where every student gets to have a character for themselves.

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Press conferences and other group activities

College students love hosting mock press conferences. This is a time when students are politically motivated and informed.

colleges also have their political parties and leaders. Students from different departments can come together to be a part of the press conference, or be an audience who observes the meetings of a press conference. This is an interactive activity that can be held online.

It is a great way for students to get started with politics in the real world, by first observing similar situations in their university or college.

One minute paper presentations

It is fairly simple to hold one-minute paper presentation students can pick any paper from a given bowl of chips and they will be given exactly a minute to talk or present the topic mentioned in the paper they have chosen.

Things might seem to be embarrassing at first because some students are shy and awkward but with time they gain the confidence to speak publicly and present their thoughts freely.

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