Here we’re talking about the Ring Solar Panel and Ring Outdoor Spotlight Security Camera. Ring Camera has recently upgraded its outdoor security cameras and solar panels. Now we have the opportunity to test and evaluate the new ones to see what’s different and what’s improved.

So, let’s talk about it and see if it’s something you want to pick up for your own home, so an outdoor security cam with notifications on the whole thing in the world to protect your home might not be a bad idea.

And before you buy it, you need to discuss whether you want to be wired or battery-powered; obviously, there are pros and cons to both. Most people run on batteries because they do not want to start running cables and wires. If you are worried about cable management, outside or inside, then the battery option is quite good.

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What is a Ring Solar Panel and its worth?

Ring Solar panels are the most acceptable option to recharge your spotlight camera and Stick-Up camera batteries. When used in conjunction with the Ring security system, these solar ring panels provide continuous monitoring without the need for battery replacement.

By using these Panels, your Ring Spotlight Camera will be supplied with uninterrupted solar energy. Few hours of sunlight a day is enough to power your ring solar panel security camera system. This solar panel is a must-have accessory for the Ring Spotlight and Stick-Up camera batteries.

The main features of these Ring Solar panels are:

  • To make your neighborhood a safer site, these panels provide continuous power to Spotlight Camera which allows you to receive real-time crime alerts from your neighbor’s.
  • It comes with a free toolkit and a micro USB card so that you can get up and walk in a matter of minutes. Installing it will be a breeze because it includes an adjustable mounting bracket and cable.
  • Having the ability to recharge varies depending on the device’s settings, motion notifications, and solar exposure in placement.
  • These Ring solar panels have a weather-resistant design that is ideal for outdoor use.

Ring Solar Panel with Ring spotlight Camera:

One ring solar panel will keep your spotlight cam battery or stick-up cam battery running all day. The Ring Spotlight camera has a couple of improvements over our original, for starters, and it’s got a spotlight in the face of the camera unit for added lighting and security.

Moreover, this camera has a removable & rechargeable battery which you can use as your power source(our old camera had to be removed entirely and brought in so that it could be plugged in and recharged).

You can also add optional Ring Solar Panels, which is the best way to keep your camera active at all times. It may be worth noting that older solar panels and cameras have different connections, so you cannot use the old solar panel, for example, with one of the new cameras.

What is Ring Protect?

If you want to get the most from your Ring Video Doorbell and cameras, you should probably know you’ll want to enable ring protection.

The Ring Protect is a monthly service plan that allows you to access, download and view your recordings from your Ring devices on your phone.

The prices for this cloud video storage and access range from about five to fifteen dollars a month, and there’s no contract required, so that you can cancel it at any time.

A free version of this service lets you view your camera’s live feeds, but you won’t have access to recordings of previous events. They are pretty different between the plans and you’ll want to choose the right one depending on your needs.

Installation of Ring Solar Panel:

How many cameras do you have? Spotlight cam and Solar panel setup were simple. You need to charge the battery and download the ring app. If you don’t already have one, sign in or sign up for an account before, It’s easy to set up your camera.

Keep the camera indoors, and it is beneficial if it is cold outside or cold where you are. Could you insert it into the spotlight cam when the battery is ready? Yes, and there are two battery pack slots, and it doesn’t matter which one you use.

If you want to install a battery other than a solar panel, there is another place for it. And, The Spotlight cam will start to power up. You can then go to the Ring app to add it, click Add Device and connect the camera to your home Wi-Fi network.

Select Site for install

When choosing your installation location, be sure to select a site with reliable sun exposure every day. The Ring Spotlight Cam Solar Panel can charge your Spotlight Cam battery with just a few hours of direct sunlight per day.

Lining up your Spotlight Cam Solar Panel

To properly align your Ring Spotlight Cam Solar panel: Using the rising arm of the solar panel as a template, mark the pinholes with a pencil on your chosen surface.

Drill holes

Use a drill to drill holes where you have marked the position of the mounting holes. If installing a ring spotlight cam solar panel on brick, concrete or stucco, insert the plastic anchors in the gaps.

We may need to use a hammer to bring in the anchors. If you’re mounting the bracket on wood or vinyl, use only the pins attached to it.

Put the mounting arm

You need to tie the mounting arm to the wall with the included pins or screws. Tighten until hardened.

Mounting the solar panel

You need to put up the solar panel over the mounting arm. And make sure it sits securely.

(If you want to balance the angle of the solar panel for better sun coverage, loosen the adjustment pin or screw on the mounting arm, set your desired angle, then tighten the screw again.)

  • Remove the rubber weatherproof cap
  • You will need to remove the mounting plate on your spotlight cam, remove the weatherproofing plug and then replace it.
  • Press the button beneath to open the battery section.
  • That is, you have to press the button on the back of the spotlight cam, and slide the mounting plate out of its slot.
  • Unplug the rubber plug out of the hole on the mounting plate. You may need to move the mounting plate into the space at the back of the spotlight camera until it clicks into place.
  • Install the solar panel charging cable in the spotlight cam
  • Now, route the charging cable from your ring solar panel to the power connector on the spotlight camera.
  • And, then remove the centre plug.
  • Then insert the snap ring barrel charging cable into the power connector on the spotlight camera..

Mount the Spotlight Camera

All you have to do is insert the spotlight cam into its mounting bracket and set the desired angle and then tighten its adjustment pin or screw.

( Be sure to charge and discharge the battery included in your Spotlight camera. The Spotlight Camera Solar Panel will charge your battery but will not replace it.)

Overall Ring Solar Panel and spotlight cam

The Solar panel keeps the camera fully charged, which means we don’t have to go out to remove the battery and recharge again, especially in winter.

While previous experience with ring cameras has gone up in the spring, they have worked hassle-free all winter, with the possible exception of frigid temperatures.

Combining cameras and doorbells with Amazon’s Alexa is a great option. Therefore, you can get voice control or remote viewing using Amazon intelligent devices with the screen if you have a new echo show device.

For example, the good news, this device will be automatically added to your account. So, all you can say is show me the front door when someone Rings and feeds will pop up on the screen if you need to do this manually, or you may activate the ring as a skill within the Alexa app to configure it from scratch.

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