Secordle Game| How to play Guidelines 2022.

What is Secordle Game

Secordle Game is an online puzzle type Game. Today many people used to play online puzzle games online game like secordle that combines your intelligence level as well as your luck.

In this game, basically, we tried our luck by guessing eight different words at the same time just like Wordle and Quodle.

You have 13 chances to guess 5 letters for each of your 16 grids.

At the start, you will find difficulties as well as effort to find the eight different words at once.

Secordle game requires that the person have multi-task thinking ability as you have to find eight words at the same time. If you think that you have multitasking abilities, and you also want to play a challenging game then you must play this secordle game.

Practice Mode Vs Daily Mode

As we know that secordle is not an easy game it requires practice and mentality so for practice, secordle game gives you practice mode in which you have unlimited chances and gridding and after practicing, you can make a grip on words, then, you can go for the daily mode.

In daily mode secordle uploads one puzzle daily for all its players, hence the players have specific grids to win the game.

It’s not essential that you first go to practice mode nevertheless you can go directly to the daily mode.

How to play Secordle Game

  1. There will be 8 grids for each word, containing 5 letters.
  2. After guessing the word, the players will have 21 attempts to solve the puzzle,
  3. When you will put the letter if such grid turns green it means that the word is correct. If it turns yellow it means that the word is correct but its position is incorrect. And what if all grids are grey, then it means that there is no such word present.
  4. When you entered all of your 5 letters then press enter, to check whether you are right or not.
  5. If the word is guessed correctly then your word and grid would be locked, and no more letters would be entered into it.
  6. Before playing in the daily mode you must go for the practice mode to understand the basics and rules of this game.

How to win this game with following techniques

As I told you in this blog that how you can play secordle game so now I will let you know the some tricks of playing secordle game and how you can win this game.

  • The first and most important thing to win the game is to utilize all 21 grids you have 24 hours to think about the word so utilize your time and think about the word wisely and carefully before attempting this word game.
  • Try to take this game as a challenge to multitask. So take this game as a multi-task and hopefully you will win the game.
  • Concentrate on each letter and at least come up with one correct word and then press the enter button so it will tell you which word is wrong you can by exchanging the wrong letter and come up with a true letter.

Why secordle game not running properly on Pc/Laptop /Android

This game doesn’t have any problems but if you have any problem in playing the secordle game you should keep in mind following points.

  • First of all, check out the internet connection because most of the people which play online games face this issue due to their internet connection and then go for troubleshooting.
  • If secordle game is not working properly, then change your device and access Then you troubleshoot your network accordingly.
  • If it’s not working then go for another network or change your network connection because sometimes ISP blocked your website to access your PC/Laptop/Android so after changing the device your issue will be resolved.
  • This issue also comes due to the custom DNS providers because they sometimes did not give access to the websites which feels insecure and some come terms and conditions did not met its policies. So to prevent such issues go and disable the custom DNS provider so you can run your game properly.
  • If you are using a VPN, you can face the same issue. Just go to the VPN app and disable it because it is possible that the selected region in the VPN did not give access to this game in that region. So after disabling the VPN, this issue will be resolved.
  • Some people have automatic firewall managers and secordle games did not take access to the device due to the strict and conflicting terms and conditions of the firewall manager. So if you are facing this issue regarding the firewall manager, go and disable it.
  • If your game is not still working properly then wait for some hours it is possible that the website will be down from the back..


If you are looking for a challenging game and you think that you can perform multi tasks at the same time and you want to polish your skill of multi-tasking then go for secordle game because it’s a challenging game and you have to think of different words at the same time.

This secordle game will give you a lot of joy and pleasure so go and let’s start your game

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