Social Media Marketing: An Innovative Marketing Technique

Today’s world is undoubtedly one of competition. The one with the weakest will always pay the price, therefore it is no longer for the weak-willed.

Numerous business people today have abandoned the conventional methods of success in favor of adopting the most modern and effective strategies, methods, and procedures that money can buy.

As a result, the majority of them have soared to the top of the new global business elite. And social media marketing is one of these cutting-edge tactics.

Nowadays, you can learn social media marketing by doing an online social media marketing course from the comfort of your home.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Since social media users are your primary audience, your major goal is to dominate the social media space. You’ll do this by using social media to connect with them. You might wonder what the big deal is with this social media business.

It has been the biggest, most accessible, most trustworthy, and most marketable location on the internet ever since the idea was first developed.

The world of social media has effectively risen to the top when it comes to news, entertainment, gossip, learning, communication, etc. thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

For the average person, it’s just a way to connect with friends, but for a person who is inherently business-minded, everything is an opportunity to make money.

The ideal location for business marketing is right here. Why? The following three factors:

1. The majority of people utilize social media.

There are still a few people in the world who do not utilize social media, and this is not a joke. In fact, it is perhaps one of the most obvious reasons.

I can assure you that nine out of ten persons you see while out and about have a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account. Opportunities abound because everything is so out of control.

2. Quick and effective means of marketing your product

With just a click of the mouse, you may access anything from blogs to wall adverts, no matter where you are in the world. According to a study, 65% of social media users rely on it for news, information, and product searches. That proportion alone is in the millions, and, to be honest, it will provide you access to a lot more opportunities.

3. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

You’ll have a huge variety and number of relationships thanks to social media. For e.g., Fred, Neville’s father-in-law’s uncle and the cousin of your auntie’s classmate’s daughter, is your friend.

Confusing? Oh, no! It’s because the individuals I described can connect you with folks at the touch of a button. Making friends on social media is quite simple, and every friend is a potential buyer.

Now, how do you do Social Media Marketing?

1. Establish a strong social media presence.

Regardless of the platform you choose, you must first establish a solid social media presence.

Don’t forget to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as these platforms are at the top of the social media food chain. Do not forget to include your contact details, including where, when, and how to reach you.

Second, make sure your things are presented in a way that is pleasing to the sight. Make sure that every aspect of your product or service is described in full, has appealing photos, and is listed.

Last but not least, fund the boost page. Any post or commercial you publish will benefit from this and appear more frequently on social media.

2. Enter, publish, and like

As many, as you can include. Up until you meet their mutual acquaintances, you can start out with friends. This will gradually establish a relationship with your target market and quickly convey your message to the people you actually want to reach. In order to more properly represent your company, you should also develop a Brand Page that will function as your official product or brand account.

3. Decide to use trending topics

Last but not least, choosing themes that are currently trending well pays off. To encourage visitors to visit your page, you can really publish blogs about them. Whether or not it is relevant to what you have to offer, writing one or two posts on it will direct readers your way. Use hashtags, don’t forget to do so!


Social Media Marketing is an innovative marketing technique and it has been used by many companies across the world. It is a way to promote your company and its products or services in an interactive way.

Social media marketing can be used for marketing purposes, customer service, employee engagement, recruitment, or just to build a community around your brand.

With the use of social media marketing, companies can reach out to a wider audience and increase their customer base. You can learn about social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies by doing an online digital marketing course that will cover all digital marketing topics.

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Apart from being an Edu-Preneur, Tedx Speaker and a Black Coffee connoisseur, Karan Shah is also the founder of IIDE- The Digital School. 

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