Things You Should Know About How to Buy Backlinks

You’re probably wondering, but let’s see, don’t they say that buying links is against Google’s regulations?

Don’t they say that you have to get the links naturally?

Well, yes, indeed, you should not buy links, or if you buy, they should be put as “rel=sponsored” so that Google does not pass reputation for those links. As you should know, buying links goes against Google’s guidelines,

so if Google detects that you are buying links it can penalize your website and you will lose the positioning you have.

Generating Quality Links

Now, if it is true that in many SEO strategies and techniques that generate quality links, there are times to put money on the table to get a link.

For example, many press releases require making previous investments in advertising in order to be published.

On the other hand, the strategy of sending an article to a blogger to try it and write about it, also involves a payment not direct but in the form of a gift.

As you can see, in some very common strategies of obtaining backlinks, payments are made to obtain them.

The million-dollar question is how do you know if a link is of quality or not?

Whether it’s because you’re buying links or because you get them organically, knowing if a link is of quality or not will save you a lot of money and time.

The Factors

Well, to know if a link is of quality, you must take into account the following factors:

  1. Is the website that will generate the link aligned with your website? That is, if your website talks about tennis rackets and you put a link on a website that sells tobacco, they clearly will not be aligned and you will not get a quality link.
  2. Is it the website that is going to place the link or backlink of quality? It is very important to take this factor into account. If you get a link from a website that for Google is not important, then clearly the link will not be of great quality. Does this link add up? Yes, of course, it adds up, but it is not the same as if you get a link on a website such as a national newspaper or on a website positioned in your market and that receives many visits for its good positioning in Google.
  3. Where will the link be located? Google knows perfectly well how to analyze the different parts of a web page (header, footer, sidebars, comments, main article, etc.). Well, the quality of the link will not be the same if it is in the comments or a sidebar than if it is in the main article of the page. And don’t you think that the backlink will have more quality if the link is at the beginning of the article before the end? Well, this must also be taken into account to know if we put a quality link.

Buying Backlinks

You may be wondering, but isn’t this black SEO? Indeed, Google does not like anyone to buy links, but in the world of marketing it is very difficult to know where the limit is on buying links or not, because any marketing activity you perform and involves an associated budget sooner or later will generate links. Are they links purchased?

Here it is your professional ethics that should dictate whether they are purchased links or not. Some media ask you to invest in advertising to publish your press releases.

Is it link buying? When you send a test to a blogger to try it out, do you buy the link?

The Primary Strategies

When it comes to buying links there are three main strategies.

  • One is using platforms that connect companies like yours with media that sell the possibility of publishing articles with links in exchange for an amount.
  • Another is using companies that sell link packages, analyze the keywords you want to rank for, and map out the link strategy.
  • Finally, the most manual strategy consists of contacting the media asking for the possibility of hiring an article with links to your website.

What you should avoid at all costs is the purchase of cheap links offered on the Internet and that the only thing you will get is to damage the reputation of your website in Google. This is not the way to get quality links.

Platforms to Buy Quality Links

Times are changing and, thanks to Google, there are many new businesses that open their doors to help companies position their websites.

In recent months, they have begun to open companies that manage and place articles in different media. They are websites that you can access, search for websites by theme, see the quality indicators and buy a space to publish an article. These are called the content management markets!

The Recommendation

Now that you have learned how to buy backlinks, it is highly recommended that you access these platforms one at a time and take a look at them to see what kind of websites they offer and if they are aligned with your business sector.

Access several, as they are complementary and you can evaluate the prices of each one at all times to optimize your investment.

Never forget the patterns that differentiate a quality backlink from another. It is very important that you take into account Google’s guidelines in reference to backlinks generated by guest posting or purchase of backlinks with promotional items. 

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