Top 10 WiziWig Alternative Free Sports Streaming Websites 2022

The popularity of sports is a major attraction for a large portion of the population. They can’t stay on TV to receive the latest news, updates, and telecasts.

This problem can be solved by sports streaming websites, which allow users to access all kinds of sports-related information from any location at any time.

WiziWig has been praised as the best streaming site for sports, providing all the latest news and a large library of sports videos.

This website allows you to watch all sports telecast videos and provides the latest sports news. It also offers a complete package that includes all popular games such as Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Hockey, and Cricket. This site provides all the news, updates, and information you need about American sports.

WiziWig became a popular sports streaming site due to its high-quality service and frequent updates. Unfortunately, this site is no longer available.

People are now looking for alternatives to online sports that offer lower prices and better quality.

Here is the best list of the top 10 WiziWig Alternative Free Sports streaming sites that offer similar services to WiziWig.

The following list will help you choose the best sports streaming site.

1. 12thplayer


12thplayer is the best site for Football. If you love Football, then this is the site for you. This website offers all the most recent updates on Football.

The interface is easy to use and contains buttons that allow you to access live support as well as other updates about the sport.

The site is free, but it’s not easy to use. While watching videos or browsing the main page, you will be presented with ads and redirecting links. You can subscribe to this website to enjoy video streaming at 12thplayer. It has no ads and all the media that can be featured on the best football streaming site.

2. Cricfree

Cricfree, as the name implies, is a streaming site for cricket fans. You can find all kinds of information about cricket here, as well as streaming live cricket matches.

This website allows you to view the past videos of cricket as well as live telecasts of cricket. You only need to pay a monthly subscription fee. You can also watch live TV on this site. This website allows you to search for and view the top sports channels. You can search for and view your favorite cricket teams here.

3. VIP Leagues

VIP Leagues

VIP Leagues is a website that caters to all sports fans. This site is full of all kinds of live telecasts and updates. This website is not just for top and most popular sports, but also includes all sports in the international directory. Sign in to access unlimited streaming and live matches. This website is great for all sports. This website has all the latest information about sports.

4. Live TV

LiveTV is an amazing website that allows you to search for and explore new tournaments and games around the globe. The website also has live scores that you can view. It offers excellent customer service. It offers a simple and intuitive interface. You can create a fan club to connect with others who are passionate about the same sport. All its features are free. Register on this site to access all of the services offered by this site. This site is great for news and sports leagues.

5. SportStream

SportStream is a popular streaming service for live online sports and matches. To make it easier for users, all the menus are categorized into a particular genre. It shows the channel chart, upcoming matches, and the schedule. You can manage your time and view the videos whenever you want. It includes all matches from all sports that are popular around the globe.

You can watch live matches in a variety sport such as basketball, badminton, and Football on this site. This site is great for entertainment and sports fans. This is a great alternative to WiziWig because you can view your favorite sports telecasts through it.

6. SportP2P

Online streaming is becoming increasingly popular. This is evident by the increasing intractions of sports streaming sites. SportP2P offers live TV channels as well as other streaming services. You can follow multiple sports with it. It offers all the features you would expect from a sports streaming site. It also allows you to watch the most popular games around the globe. You can quickly access the sports and lost countries. Its intuitive interface is very appealing to the user.

7. BatManStream

BatManStream is the best website to stream online video and keep track of all the details about different sports. You can stream live games and watch videos from many sports, including Football, racing, Rugby, Football, Tennis, NFL, Basketball, Cricket, and many others. There are many sports that can be accessed under various categories. It is simple and intuitive to use. You only need to access the website, create an account, and choose your favorite sports. To stream sports via this website, you can also download the extension. It allows users to view the video in crisp and high definition.

8. WiziWig New

This website was amekd as an alternative to WiziWig, as you can see by the name. All its services are free and allow users to view tournaments and live shows from around the globe. It’s a hub for Football, cricket, tennis, and rugby. It also lists all games that fall under the same type. Live tournaments and leagues are available. You can also enjoy sports entertainment. It has been listed as an alternative to WiziWig because it is somewhat similar to WiziWig. It allows you to watch live TV, sports and WiziWig Radio. It’s simple and very useful. To explore the site’s features, you will need to log in.

9. Stream2Watch

This website has all the features you need and is free to use. Stream2Watch offers free streaming and thousands upon thousands of updates. It is a great online and live streaming site for sports. This is the perfect place to find all kinds of sports videos. It offers everything you need, including cricket, golf, Football, motorsport, badminton, and wrestling. Sign up now to enjoy the content in HD quality.

10. Atdhe

This site is ideal for streaming games and offers all the latest news about Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball. You don’t reuqire to register or login to access this website. It’s easy to use and straightforward. It lists the names of the most popular gamers and the time. It displays the relevancy of different types of baskwtbmn. It is one of the most popular apps for streaming sports online. This is why it is so popular.


This article will let you know about the best and most reliable streaming sites that allow you to watch your favorite sporting events from any location.

This article will inform you about the best and most reliable streaming sites that allow you to watch your favorite sporting events from any location. You can access unlimited sports updates from all the listed sites for no cost.

The videos can be downloaded or you can add it to your favorites list for easy access. These websites also allow you to view live online TV.

If you decide to switch to these websites, you will have a new source for entertainment. You can fulfill all your sports-loving needs.

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