Top 5 Providers of Leased Lines in the UK

TalkTalk is a good choice for your leased lines. Owned by Carphone Warehouse, it has its own network infrastructure and access to local circuits from Openreach.

It also has the financial capability to compete with the “Big 2”. It has a good reputation for competitive pricing and quick installation times.

While it hasn’t always had the best press for standard broadband connections, TalkTalk is a reliable and stable provider of leased lines.

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CCS Leeds

CCS Leeds is a UK-based company that offers reliable and secure leased lines. It also offers colocation hosting and voice over IP services.

These services offer scalable bandwidth and connectivity at high speeds. In the world of online business, a reliable connection is essential. CCS Leeds is one of the leading providers of UK leased lines.

With UK-wide leased lines, CCS Leeds helps business owners establish an online presence. The ISP has been in business for over 10 years, and has always provided the latest technology to its customers. The company’s UK leased lines provide a range of connectivity options, from broadband internet to dedicated and private circuits.

Businesses can also take advantage of their co-location hosting services, which allow them to store servers in secure data centers.

This ensures higher levels of security and resilience.

Another advantage of leased lines is their symmetrical speed. This means that even during peak hours, the line speed will not decrease.

This makes them perfect for businesses that need to process large amounts of data. Additionally, leased lines offer higher speeds than standard fiber broadband, which may have fewer download and upload speeds.

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BT Leased Lines UK are high-speed connections with a high uptime guarantee. They can be purchased directly from BT or from a wholesale provider. These connections come with UK Core Network Connection, which makes them secure and reliable. BT Leased Lines UK are ideal for cloud applications and other high-speed connections.

BT’s fibre-based leased lines offer speeds of up to 10Gbps, which is excellent for VoIP. They also feature symmetric upload and download speeds, which is vital for uploading and streaming large files. The service comes with an engineer who will install the equipment. BT also offers service level agreements, which guarantee a five-hour response time in the event of a fault.

BT’s leased line prices are competitive with other providers. In addition, BT offers 24 hour support and are fully managed. In addition, BT Leased Lines UK is available in a variety of bearer sizes and contract lengths. Whether you are looking for a high-speed connection for your business or just want to save money, BT offers a variety of flexible leased line options to meet your specific needs.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s Leased Lines UK plans offer business customers a dedicated internet connection with no compromises.

They are available in speeds of up to 10Gbps and include add-ons such as resilient back-up connections, as many WiFi access points as you need, and modern cloud-based cybersecurity. The company also works with thousands of schools and local authorities to improve connectivity.

Leased lines offer business owners a way to get dedicated internet access and fibre optic connectivity without incurring expensive bills.

These services are available from multiple providers, including BTnet and Virgin Media. However, there are differences between resellers and first-tier carriers.

For example, British Telecom is a first-tier carrier in the UK and has an excellent reputation for providing quality services. However, its rental charge is higher than other providers.

The best thing about Virgin Media Business Leased Lines is the fact that they are dedicated to businesses. The service is symmetrical between download and upload speeds, and comes with bespoke reporting. There are many different types of leased line plans, which means you can tailor the service to meet your specific business needs.


Zen Leased Lines UK is one of the UK’s most established providers of leased lines. With speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, the company specializes in providing small businesses with affordable, scalable internet connections.

The company also offers 24/7 technical support. Founded in 1995, Zen has grown significantly over the years, expanding its network and product portfolio.

Zen is also a recipient of several national awards, including one from PCPro magazine.

There are a number of providers for leased lines in the UK, including BT, Virgin Media, and CCS Leeds. Many of these providers offer a variety of leased line speeds and bearer sizes, along with flexible contract terms. BT, for example, guarantees 99% uptime, making it the perfect solution for cloud applications. However, BT’s prices are much higher than other providers.

Businesses depend heavily on the Internet for collaboration and communication. Yet, most firms are not able to work efficiently if their internet connection is unstable or unreliable.

With a leased line, you can experience secure, high-efficiency Internet connections. These leased lines are symmetrical, ensuring that both download and upload speeds are equally high.

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