Top 6 Trends in Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise applications hold a lot of significance for businesses since they not only help improve operations, but also help businesses connect with their customers more effectively.

Wondering what the latest enterprise application development trends are? Well, you’ve landed at the right place.

Top 6 Enterprise App Development Trends

Enterprise Application Development

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1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

When AI developments are made, they are made keeping in mind the goal of making machines perform monotonous manual tasks. The fundamental goal of AI is to get machines to stimulate human intelligence; developing perception, learning, and reasoning in machines

Artificial intelligence integration is becoming necessary for a businesses or company’s digital transformation. In fact, AI is being used everywhere much more than you’d think. From image recognition features on your phone to automated email reply feature, AI is being used almost everywhere nowadays. 

Companies such as Spotify and Netflix make use of AI to understand the activity pattern of the users, and recommend movies and songs they might be interested in. Moreover, artificial intelligence has also made it possible to reduce fraud and scams in financial institutions.  

Also, AI integration has been a huge success for the health sector, where AI based applications and processes can help diagnose, predict, and analyze various different kinds of diseases; making it easier for doctors to treat patients effectively.  

2. Internet of Things 

IoT is an advanced technology that makes it possible to transfer data over a network without, or with limited human interaction through providing a system of interconnected devices. The Internet of Things is being integrated in multiple sectors today, and the number of IoT practical applications is increasing every day. 

Some of the common examples of IoT applications include wearable technology, smart grids, smart farming, smart supply chain management, and more. Majority of the applications of internet of things are helping us deal with larger issues at hand such as climate change, excessive traffic jams, and more 

Also, thanks to the internet of things, it has become much easier for us to keep a track of all the latest updates. The speed at which IoT transfers data allows companies and businesses to complete their tasks quickly. 

3. 5G (5th Generation Network) 

5G is one of the most advanced wireless technologies. As compared to the previously released wireless technologies, this one provides low latency, increased speed, better reliability and network capacity. In the near future, 5G is going to change the way the world communicates and connects. 

According to the state of 5G developments, currently sixty-one countries are making use of 5G and the number is further expected to increase in the coming years as many more countries are in 5G’s development phase. 

As a whole, the global economy is expected to be affected by the 5th generation network greatly. Not only will it make information and data transfer much easier, but will also change the way businesses connect with consumers and vice versa. 

4. Cybersecurity 

As cyber security measures for enterprises are getting stronger, so are the cyber-attack attempts. According to stats, worldwide spending on cybersecurity is expected to hit $133.7 billion in 2022.    

As more and more companies are realizing the serious threats that cyber-attacks can pose, an increasing number of cyber security measures are being put into action to prevent information theft and frauds. In the coming years, we can expect a major increase in stronger security policies and cyber security applications.  

“We discovered in our research that insider threats are not viewed as seriously as external threats, like a cyberattack. But when companies had an insider threat, in general, they were much costlier than external incidents.

This was largely because the insider that is smart has the skills to hide the crime, for months, for years, sometimes forever.”  — Dr. Larry Ponemon  

5. Cloud Computing 

There has been a significant increase in the number of businesses adopting cloud computing, especially after the onset of the Covid-19. The technology is slowly reducing the need for physical servers and data centers.

The reason so many companies are choosing to opt for cloud computing is because it is flexible, scalable, cost-effective, secure, and productive. 

There are a number of companies providing cloud computing services among which Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services are the most popular ones. According to stats, it is expected that between 2018 to 2021, there is going to be a 73% increase in cloud computing services, boosting from $160 billion to $277 billion.  

Considering the numerous benefits, it provides, we can expect more organizations and businesses making use of cloud technology. 

6. Low Code Development 

There are many start-up businesses that don’t have the budget to hire professional software development teams and don’t hold the extensive knowledge themselves to write software codes.

Thanks to the latest custom enterprise mobile app development technology; low code development. It is much easier for businesses to build their software without the need for professional developers. 

Low code development technology also makes it much quicker to build enterprise applications, allowing companies to produce more products within a shorter time span.


 Enterprise application development is one of the most important tasks for a business. Hence, it is important that you are aware of the latest trends in the market. The above mentioned trends are here to stay for a long time, so it’s best that your company is equipped with these technologies.

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