What do UX designers need to know to design native app and hybrid?

We no longer carry around paper and pencils when we use smartphones. As per Statista, Globally, there are nearly six billion smartphone subscribers, and this number is expected to rise by several hundred million within the next few years.

Let’s talk about the deliberations of UX designers in mobile apps and how they affect users before jumping into what UX is and how it is used to design apps. When you are designing a mobile app, you have to make decisions about how you will design the application.

Apps come in three flavors: native, web, and hybrid. UX design is the discipline that includes the different aspects of collaborative product design.

Marketplace platforms have millions of apps, some of which are very successful because they provide immersive experiences, but others find it hard to survive in such a highly competitive market. Generally, people get attracted to clean and functional apps based on their user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX).

To help you craft an amazing application, we will talk about how UX designers design and enhance an app.

Before we go into depth, let us first understand what exactly UX design is.

UX stands for user experience. So, the job of a UX designer is to design or create a product that gives the most important and same experience to users. This includes the design of the whole process of obtaining giving the sum of a measured quantity of product. And involves a condition of branding, design, the ability of usage, and function.

Different norms sometimes use user experience design with terms like user interface design or UI. However, user interface design is the most important aspect of UX.

Things to Consider for Every UX Designer Around the Globe:

  • The first thing is that UX designers should design a very minimalistic design of an application. With a user-friendly user interface. The best design will affect the product.
  • Second, a designer should be familiar with every useful software.
  • Third, the designer should demonstrate the specific area where design can be applied, for example, problem-solving strategy.
  • Finally, UX designers should involve words that define the existing designs and images that connect with the design.

Moreover, the design emphasizes positive and negative words that show the reason behind the attitude of the design-thinking. UX designers make sure that their design must be problem-solving and should change the way you think. 

One the most important thing but may say designer neglect it of not using the wide captions. This step is so useful for people to change smoothy their concept according to their needs.

Native Application

The usability of application restricted for one single platform in single time are the native application. A native application can only build invidiously for different platforms.

Native applications are made by using other programming languages. The best part of native applications they are very fast in use. It can be built for a single platform from specific coding.

So mobile applications can do focus on it easily. The native application utilizes the device stock UI, and this gives the user better optimization.  A native application can directly connect to the device features.

For example, Bluetooth, camera, gallery, contacts, etc., directly connects with the device hardware.

The biggest drawback of a native application is only restricted only one platform. App developers in Florida and other countries can’t use the same coding on different platforms.

Mobile application development in Florida and other countries use the same efforts and utilize the same time to make the same native application for different platforms by doing some coding changes.

And this increases the maintenance cost. Because for updates, app developers in Florida have to change the coding individually on a different platform. The native application also acquires large space in the device.

Design a native app

First, UX designers should learn the rule of human interface guidelines and then determine whether they should break it gracefully. The beautiful interface is a very important factor people can directly connect to your content. Crisp and liquid smoothness is an extra adding-on feature.

Neglecting the negative space choosing the right color combination catchy graphics these small elements directly convey your idea to the user. Make your interface light with gradients avoid boring transitions so the user can navigate easily. 

A designer should also get in touch with other designers for inspiration and get more new ideas. Always connect with the development team to understand their challenges accurately because native mobile app development teams are frequently developed around platforms.

And their job is quite difficult because coding for one platform cannot replicate for another platform. So that designer put all efforts to do this.

Moreover, the coding method for each medium is different, so UX designers need to understand the challenges of the platforms. For example, putting sticky headers on android is a very difficult task. The same happens with the horizontal scrolls of iOS.


Smooth transitions and creative animation give a very graceful experience to users. Go in a deep study of coding and figure out what makes an application more creative and what mistake can break your idea. The knowledge of native applications’ quality is connected with the services that power them.

Front-end app experience services must be designed, executed, and support data flow based on user needs to give the best performance. A designer can connect with their development partner and from this way and present how services can optimize for a native app.

The Native app is not a web app

Many people think native app and web browser, but it is not. Both software designs look very similar. There are many web browser designs used in native apps. But hold on, both of these have different key features.

  • First, the native app may run offline, but you always need a network connection to stay online in web apps.
  •  Second, a native application has a much more optimized user interface that delivers much more context. Web apps always lack a bad UI experience, including slow and odd transitions and a short range of animations.
  • Third, the native applications are faster than web apps because it takes more time to load and even reload.
  • Finally, the Native application is convenient. It can directly connect to your phone stock applications like camera, contact, Bluetooth, GPS, gallery, etc., but web apps don’t have access features.

Hybrid Application

Florida and other countries design hybrid applications to work on multiple platforms from the same coding app developers. The compilation of C++ and JavaScript can be executed on each platform. With some specific plugins, the device will manage to run hybrid applications easily on every operating system.

The best part of a hybrid application it can work without any network connectivity. It also looks like native apps. These applications are very fast from a performance perspective. Hybrid applications are the combination of web technologies and native APIs.

Hybrid applications are very easy to design, and their development cost is much cheaper than a native app. This application’s reloading time is very fast. It makes beneficial for those countries where internet connection is slow. And due to single coding, these applications are very easy to maintain.

A disadvantage of a hybrid application is that it might lack power because it has to download each element. This also affects application optimization.

Design hybrid app

Hybrids apps are written on HTML 5 and CCSS; these are web-based languages. And this is the traditional way to build a hybrid app. By using a packing service, this language can be assembled into mobile-friendly language.

But apart from development stuff, if we talk about pure UX. As a UX designer, to know how to make the most out of designing a hybrid app by doing a lot with a little.

The hybrid app might not be user-friendly to native apps, but hybrid apps are seriously fast, easier to develop, and their launching cost is also less. Moreover, a UX designer can better set project goals in a hybrid app and adjust the project according to the designer’s idea and requirement. In addition, the design of the hybrid app is well documented.

And before going further, it configures the technical limits of the project. By setting limits on a project’s scope will improve innovation and creative workarounds. 

It is better to go future and collaborate with the development team to have more guidance on your idea. And if you put restrictions on your design, some ideas and features might not show flexibility in better performance.


App developers in Florida can assist you with the creation of any application you may want. And distribute it from any best marketplace-developed platform. But the most popular developed platforms are android and iOS. And both platforms have their terms and conditions.
Google play has many rules and regulations on what will or will not publish on their platform. So, this will not affect the hybrid application.

On the other side, the Apple store is not suitable for the hybrid app because apple follows a tough publication method, which creates a drawback. But some of the features are easily too accessible, like a camera and map. So, what are you waiting for? Start your tremendous journey today!

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