What is a lyft ride? How to Cancel Lyft Ride?

Lyft is an app for booking rides. Wherever you want to go you have to just install the Lyft App in your mobile and book your ride. It has a very fast service.

Driver will be there in minutes. You have to just tap a request for the ride and the driver will pick you from your location and drop you at your desired destination.

It is just like sharing a ride with others. It helps the community also because there will be cars off the road if you take a lyft ride. So, there will be less traffic on the roads by taking a lyft ride.

Booking a ride on the lyft app is a very easy process. You just tap on the app and book your drive. There will be a photo of your lyft driver and the car also on the app.

There is another option of calling your driver if you want to change something. And when the driver arrives at your given location. Confirms the ride and tells him your name and gets in the car and enjoys your ride.

The lyft ride is not costly. It depends on your destination where you want to go. The driver will charge you the cost only per mile or per minute. So, this is the basic charge.

The method of payment is very easy on the lyft ride. You do not need to get the hard cash with you. The payment will be done on the Lyft App. You can also give the tip to the driver if you like the ride. At the end of the ride you can give a tip by adding money in the Lyft App driver tip.

There is also a rating system on the lyft App. When you reach your desired destination you can rate your driver according to the given scale on the Lyft App. You can rate it by giving stars. There will be 1 to 15 stars on the Lyft App. You have to just rate according to you.

Your star rating will tell you how satisfied you are from your ride. So, rate your driver with honesty because rating matters the most for drivers. Also, there is an option of rating passengers by driver. Driver rates their passenger according to the behavior of the passenger.

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How to Cancel a Lyft Ride?

Cancelling a lyft ride is a very process. If you booked a ride and you do not want to go then there is an option of cancelling your ride. So, feel free to cancel your ride if any problem occurs. But in some certain conditions cancellation fee can be charged by you.

If you want to cancel the ride on your Lyft you have to

  • Go on the App and tap Edit Ride in the app it will show you on the bottom of the left corner of your mobile screen
  • There will be an option of Cancel Ride on the App you have to just tap it to cancel the Lyft App
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Cancelling Ride on Health Safety Issues

The Lyft App has some Health Safety Commitments before continuing using the Lyft ride. You have to agree on their Health Safety Commitments. So, there are some commitments from the Lyft App. These are as follows:

  • If you have any symptoms of Covid 19 than please don’t ride
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory for a driver and a passenger
  • Sanitize the hands before getting a ride
  • Keep the vehicle clean
  • Open the windows of the car if you want it
  • Do not sit on the front seat in Covid days

If you do not follow these instructions then you will not be able to get your ride. So, these are the important safety rules of the Lyft.

The Lyft App gives you the permission of cancelling the ride if your driver does not wear a face mask. But if you and your fellow passengers do not wear a face mask then your driver can cancel your ride by himself. This is important for your health safety.

How to Cancel a Lyft Ride and Not Get Charged a Fee

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Cancellation Fee

The Lyft App does not charge cancellation from everyone. You have to pay the cancellation fee on some certain conditions. These conditions are as follows:

  • If the driver accepts you ride request after the cancellation window has passed than you have to pay cancellation fee
  • And if your driver is on time and reach at your given place within 5 minutes of the original estimated time given to you than if you cancel your ride you have to pay the cancellation fee

The cancellation fee is just to give compensation to the driver for his time and the petrol used in this ride. Moreover, if you cancel more than three rides then you have to pay a 2 dollars cancellation fee in the 15 minutes time period.

No Show Fee

You have to pay no show fee if the following conditions occur:

  • Your driver arrives at your location to pick you and you were not there on time than you have to pay no show fee
  • And if your driver waits for the longer period of time at your given location and you did not get there on time than you have to pay no show fee
  • And the last condition is that if your driver attempts to contact you and you did not answer him than you have to pay no show fee

No show fee is only applicable if you are not present at the given location within one minute of your driver’s arrival at the pickup location.

Review a Fee

In the review a fee if a passenger thinks he wrongly charged a cancellation fee and no show fee then he can take help of the Lyft App. It will automatically review in the Lyft App if you dispute the charge. So, from there you can get all the help from the App and make it clear about the wrong cancellation fee or no show fee.

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