Xiaomi Mi box S 4k HDR Android TV with Google Assistant Remote Streaming Media Player

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Xiaomi Internationals is a Chinese company that is rapidly expanding in the world. In just a time period of almost eleven years,

Xiaomi Internationals established a great name in the world as they are the global technology leaders of the world. The company has many brands and products.

Mi Box S 4K is very easy and simple to use. The Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K is also powered by the Android 8.1 version which is the latest version of android.

The product also supports Voice Search and Chromecast. The whole family can enjoy delivering the world of content with this product.

It accesses much of the content. The product simply is compatible with more than thousands of apps. Moreover, gives the user a lot of premium video services.

The other thing it gives us is the constant fresh stream of all-new content.

The Apps that are compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K are as follows:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • HBO Now
  • Google Play (Movies and TV)
  • Google Play Music
  • Showtime
  • Sling Television
  • Spotify
  • Vudu (Movies and TV)
  • ESPN
  • CBS All Access

The Slung Television provides you the facility of watching HGTVs Property Brothers.

  • Chromecast Voice Remote Control

It is also named SmartCast. Chromecast media player gives you the best and the best viewing experience. There is a wireless screening mirror present at the tap of the button.

The mirror devices includes

  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • Laptop

The other amazing feature that Chromecast gives you is that you can call or text anyone while watching something on the TV without any interruption. It provides the user with a very high speed of streaming and HD video playback.

The display of the product is almost same as the display of the Xiaomi Redmi Note.

  • Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps the user in getting access to entertainment. You can also get answers from Google Assistant. The devices that are around your home can also be controlled by this feature.

You have to only press the mic button that is present on the remote to get started.

The more features of that give you by google assistant are:

  • You can Enjoy entertainment
  • Can Get Answers
  • You can Find Romantic Movies
  • Weather updates can be seen just like What is the weather today
  • You can Play some Jazz
  • Basically Google is a trademark of Google LLC
  • By this you can control the smart devices of your home
  • Lights can also be dimmed by this device of your living room
  • You can turn up the volume of your device
  • Moreover, thermostat can be set to 72 degrees by the Google Assistant

Basically, Google Assistant is very helpful in doing many things.

Voice Remote Control

Voice Remote Control Credit: homeshopping.pk

There is a voice remote control that is present to control all the things by the remote. By just pressing the mic button of the remote to get started it.

So, this is very easy to control and handle.

You can simply voice over to remote control. It is basically a Bluetooth remote control. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can control and enjoy all the features of the device.

4K HDR Technology

Without 4K HDR Credit: homeshopping.pk

The device has the very latest feature that is 4K HDR technology. There is a very high quality of 4K HDR. The Google Pixels are so good and clear while watching the stream.

It gives a very high-speed 4K processing. That is almost up to 60fps playback.

There is an ultra-high-definition that you can enjoy by watching the stream. that will be a great and lifelike viewing experience for the user.

he gives the facility of Picture Custom Bundle. It means that you can print pictures in a picture package layout in Photoshop.

The requirement of playing 4K HDR is an HDR TV. Also, HDR-enabled video content is required.

The audio level is very clear and premium quality. The 4K HDR technology gives you the three-dimensional sound that surrounds you.

It gives the user a very high performance. The storage capacity is so good. You can install a lot of great apps.

You can play many of the games because the device has great and faster performance with an awesome stability level.

Is that 4K HDR Technology is advantageous or not?

The 4K HDR Technology is very advantageous for the users. It gives premium quality videos to the users. So, the users can watch the streams of the best quality. This feature makes the device different from others.

With 4K HDR Credit: homeshopping.pk

  • Connections

The device supports the

  • Wi-Fi connections
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB connections

It delivers a great and faster transfer speed. It is very simple and easy to use. The device easily connects to the shared or portable hard drive. By this, you can play your favorite movies and games, music, and much more.

You can also connect HDMI 2.0. This gives a very high-resolution video. You can enjoy it simply with superior reliability.

Wi-Fi connectivity is there for downloads and transfer of HD videos. The large data files can be shared quickly by this device.

The Bluetooth 4.2 is there for the connectivity of game controllers, headphones, and speakers. The other Bluetooth devices can also easily connect by Bluetooth.

What is the Price of Mi Box S 4K?

The price of the Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K is 10 thousand, seven hundred and ninety-nine only. So, the device is very affordable. The device also saves money as it gives a lot of features.

If we do a price comparison with other devices, the Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K is very cheap. So, you can easily buy the device and enjoy the streaming.

What are the Dimensions of Mi Box S 4K?

The length of the device is almost 3.75.

The width is almost the same that is 3.75.

The thickness is 0.66.

The weight of the device is almost 5.19 ounces.

The color of the device is black.

What are the Specifications of Mi Box S 4K?

The Output Resolution is 4K

The CPU is Quad-Core 64bit

GPU used is Mali-450

The RAM is almost 2GB

The storage capacity is 8GB

Android version is 8.1

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