You should take note of these very convenient Google Drive features

The majority find new features in Sheets, fascinating features in Slides, and unseen features in Docs when it comes to Google apps. Yet, the central base for the documents from all those apps – Google Drive -, has its unique set of features.

Now we’d be looking at a handful of Google Drive features you probably didn’t know exist because they’ve appeared quickly and undetected. They are:

Search “Google Meet” content

Using an easy search, you can locate all Google Meet content in Drive rather than going through folders and files.

If you make use of Google Meet for video calls and meetings with your crew, hence, you could go to Google Drive for items linked with that meeting.

At the top of Google Drive,

Go to Searcharea ➡️ type: app:”Google Meet” ➡️ press Enteror Return, and then all the results of your Google Meet search will be shown.

This automatically grants you swift access to things like transcripts, notes, recordings and reports.

This feature arrived for all Google Drive users in May 2022.

Cut, copy, and paste files using shortcuts

Shortcuts is another far unknown feature to manage Google Drive that merits exploring. Using the Google Chrome browser, you can cut, copy, and paste files throughout Google Drive.

This makes moving a file from one point to another or creating a copy of it in a shared folder easy.

1st Step: Pick a file you want to move (cut) or copy. You cannot currently use the shortcuts for cutting or copying folders, only files.

  • To cut on Windows, press Ctrl + X, then to copy, press Ctrl + C.
  • To cut on Mac, press Command + X, then copy, press Command + C.

On the bottom-left of the window, you will get a short message saying that you’ve cut or copied a file.

2nd Step: Scroll to the area you want the cut or copied file in Google Drive.

3rd Step: To paste the file, press Ctrl + V on Windows or Command + V on Mac.

On the bottom-left of the window, you’ll see a short message saying that you’ve created a copy of or moved a file.

Like the Google Meet search above, this feature popped onto the scene in May 2022 for all Drive users.

Spot file locations

In the same way as Windows and Mac, you may want to see where a file lies by checking up the file path.

You can see the precise location of a file in Google Drive. And this is useful for opening the right file when numerous files have synonymous labels, not to mention tearing right into a folder that contains a file.

1st Step: To see the location of a file, open one of the fields below using the left-hand navigation.

Search, Starred, Trash and Recent.

2nd Step: You will view a column for Location on the right side of the file list. Flutter your cursor over the file location.

3rd Step:  When the pop-up shows, choose a spot in the path to go directly to it.

Preferably, choose a file and see the full path below the screen. You can as well select a place in the path to go to it.

This handy feature was introduced by Google to all Drive users in May.

If you need Google Meet content, want to copy or move a file in a jiffy, or file location, keep these convenient secret Google Drive handy features in mind.

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